Program members

Katy Fulfer

Associate Professor

Areas of interest

Reproductive Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Ecofeminisms, Transnational feminisms, Feminist appropriations of Hannah Arendt, Queer theory

Kim Hong Nguyen

Associate Professor, Department of Communication Arts

Areas of Intrest

political correctness or civility of a word, a trope, an expression, an analogy, or a cultural practice & white liberal feminism from a postcolonial and intersectional lens, exploring more specifically white liberal feminists' concerns over terms, like 'bitch' and 'feminism' 

Craig Fortier

Associate professor, Department Social Development Studies

Areas of Interest

Settler colonialism; social movements, abolitionist and decolonizing social work; popular culture and radical change; trans-disciplinary social justice pedagogy; urban memorialization; accounting history; Indigenous & settler relationships, colonization/decolonization; Indigenous theory; migrant justice movements; nationalism and sovereignty; queer, trans*, and non-binary participation in sport; and baseball history

Areas of specialization

Include reproductive health, women's health activism, oral history,  media, and public opinion, as well as women's rights.

Greta Kroeker

Associate Professor, Department of History; Cross-appointed to Gender & Social Justice

Areas of specialization

 Include early modern Europe, intellectual history, history of religion, religion, and violence, as well as early modern women.