Fall 2019

Course Code Course Name Instructor
GSJ 101 Intro to Gender and Social Justice: the Global North T. Holmes
GSJ 201 Gender and Social Justice in Popular Culture S. Cocarla
GSJ 207 Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Social Justice S. Stettner
GSJ 222/PHIL 202 Gender Issues J. Sewell
GSJ 302 Thinking Through Gender: Feminist Perspectives S. Dea
GSJ 472/PHIL 463 Special Topics in Intersectional Feminist Theory: 

Social Justice and Philosophy of Language

J. Saul

Winter 2020

Course Code

Course Name Instructor
GSJ 102 Introduction to Gender and Social Justice: the Global South TBD

GSJ 203

The Waves of Feminist Thought TBD
GSJ 205 Technology, Gender, and Social Justice TBD
GSJ 260/HLTH 260 Social Determinants of Health TBD
GSJ 261/RS 284 Gender and the Great Religions TBD
GSJ 280/HLTH 280 Applied Public Health Ethics TBD
GSJ 306/REC 306 Gender and Health TBD
GSJ 401/HLTH 401 Global Health TBD
GSJ 402 Studies in Feminist Philosophy/Philosophy of Sex TBD
GSJ 410/ENGL 410F Eighteenth Century Women Writers TBD


Course Code Course Name


CLAS 311 Sex & Love in Ancient World TBD
ENGL 407 Language and Politics TBD
ERS 225 Gendering Env Politics TBD
FINE 281 Art & Gender TBD
HIST 277/LS 237 Canadian Legal History TBD
HLTH 102 Introduction to Health 2 TBD
HLTH 352 Sociology of Aging TBD
INTEG 221 Social Nature of Knowledge TBD
JS 120 Relationships in Bible: OT TBD
PHIL 201 Philosophy of Sex and Love TBD
PSYCH 318  Psychosexual Organization TBD
REC 373 Qualitat Approaches to Leisure TBD
SDS 220 R Canging Conceptions of Childhood TBD
SDS 415 R Gender and Education TBD
SMF 101 Gender and Education TBD
SMF 204 Relationships and Families TBD
SPAN 150 Hisp World Through Lit and Art TBD