Course information

Winter 2023 courses

Course code Course title Instructor
GSJ 102 Intro to the Global South K. Fulfer
GSJ 201 Gender & Social Justice in Pop Culture J. Sewell
GSJ 208E Women's Writing C. Acton
GSJ 260 Social Determinants of Health K. Anthony
GSJ 271 Sexual Violence and Citizenship S. Jacobs
GSJ 304 Research and Resistance K. Nguyen
GSJ 309 Discourse of Dissent S. Denton
GSJ 326 Sexuality and the Law A. Chenier
GSJ 347 Witches, Wives, and Whores R. MacAlpine
GSJ 380 Ethics of Health E. Neiterman
GSJ 401 Global Health W. Dodd
GSJ 402 Feminist Care Ethics K. Fulfer


Spring 2023 courses

GSJ 221 Language and Society TBA
GSJ 222 Gender Issues K. Fulfer
GSJ 260  Social Determinants of Health E. Neiterman
GSJ 309 The Discourse of Dissent F. Condon