Spring 2024

hungry baby birds in a nest with text " Social Determinants of Health"

GSJ 260 Social Determinants of Health

Enormous inequalities in health persist both within and between countries. These inequalities can be seen across various axes including gender, ethnicity, and access to material resources. As such, those relatively deprived/underprivileged have substantially poorer health than those better off. The course will demonstrate the extent of inequalities in health, and it will explore current theories explaining how inequalities arise, focusing on behavioural/cultural, psychosocial, and structural/material explanations. The course will also investigate the role of various approaches to economic and social policy in creating or reducing inequalities.

(Cross-listed with HLTH 260)

Chain link fence and text : Sexuality and the Law"

GSJ 326 Sexuality and the Law

Despite the commonly held belief that sexuality is nothing more than "doing what comes naturally," cultural definitions, including prohibitions against specific forms of conduct, impinge upon the most private or intimate of acts. This course examines the social construction and control of sexuality through law.

Prereq: One of GSJ 101, 102, WS 101, 102

(Cross-listed with SOC 325, LS 325)

blue, yellow and purple sparkly background with text " Gender Issues"

GSJ 222 Gender Issues

Philosophical analysis of issues relating to sex/gender. Questions considered might include the following: What, if anything, is the difference between sex and gender? How much of a role do facts about biology play in our ideas about sex and gender? How many sexes are there? What ethical issues arise for us in virtue of our gender?

Antireq: WS 222

(Cross-listed with PHIL 202)

1940's fighter planes with text " Gender n War and Peace"

GSJ 331 Gender in War and Peace

An examination of various themes in the history of peace and war using gender as a central category of analysis. Theoretical literature and international case studies will be used to explore how the discourse and enactment of war and peace are influenced by societal constructions of gender, both historically and in the present.

Prereq: One of GSJ 101, 102, WS 101, 102.

Antireq: WS 331

(Cross-listed with PACS 321)

small child trying to pull a dog on a leash

GSJ 309 Discourse of Dissent

A study of the social, historical, and rhetorical dimensions of collective action. Topics may include health and welfare movements, civil rights and anti-war protests, and environmentalism.

Prereq: One of GSJ 101, 102, WS 101, 102

(Cross-listed with HIST 309, ENGL 309G, COMMST 434)

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Winter 2024 (past) Courses

Course code Title
GSJ 102 The Global South
GSJ 201 Gender and Social Justice in Pop Culture
GSJ 206 Women and the Law
GSJ 207 Entrepreneurship, Gender, and Social Justice
GSJ 222 Gender Issues
GSJ 260 Social Determinants of Health
GSJ 302 Thinking Through Gender: Feminist Perspectives
GSJ 347 Witches, Wives, and Whores
GSJ 371 Racial Justice Movements
GSJ 408 Gender and Leisure

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