Featured Fall 2024 Courses (complete list below)

Course offerings vary slightly from term to term. The descriptions written out below are specific to the fall 2024 term. For the official calendar descriptions see the Undergraduate Calendar

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GSJ 201

Gender and Social Justice in Pop Culture

From film, television and the internet to fashion magazines, computer games and music videos, popular culture is a ubiquitous part of people's lives. This course examines popular representations of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, (dis)ability, class, religion, and other axes of oppression. How does popular culture reinforce norms and stereotypes that disadvantage people in virtue of their gender or other identity? How can popular culture help to address such disadvantages? At the end of the day, is popular culture a force for justice or for injustice (or both)?

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GSJ 302

EnGendering War

We will be talking about how publics are mobilized into war as well as various movements of its resistance with an intersectional focus on race and gender. We will consider about various issues that intersect with war (not limited to): brotherhood and masculinity, nationalism and patriotism and protecting “her”/our “motherland,” children of war, military and draft inclusions of women and queer folks, sexual violence in service and as a tool of war. 

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GSJ 309

The Discourse of Dissent

A study of the social, historical, and rhetorical dimensions of collective action. Topics may include health and welfare movements, civil rights and anti-war protests, and environmentalism.

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PHIL 402/674/676/ GSJ 402 — SEM 002

Care Ethics

Care is central to our lives. It sustains us and our communities, and is as a central dimension of solidarity. This course provides an introduction to feminist care ethics. We will study the foundation of “care” as a distinct ethical approach in philosophy, as well as its political and economic significance. Further, we will compare and contrast a Western feminist care approach with other philosophical traditions and explore innovations in care ethics from activism and theory in queer, trans, and disability studies. 

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GSJ 371

Black Existentialist Thought

In traditional existentialism, the unspoken presumption of whiteness has often been questioned by Black scholars. To this end, philosophers and activists alike have challenged notions of universality within those discourses, considering instead what it would mean to unpack and better understand existence through the lens of Black experience(s). What role does race play in traditional existential theory? How might critical race theory help us better understand existence as “Black” people? And how do gender and race, among so many possible intersections, influence what it means to be Black-in-the-world? Through varied readings, small group and full class discussions, course reflections, traditional essays and group presentations, this course will apply a critical race lens to existential thought to explore the scholarship of Black thinkers whose work has helped to expand our critical understanding of existence, our purpose, and life’s meaning in a world that often questions our humanity solely based on how our bodies are raced. Recognizing that discussions of Blackness in the Canadian context are often overlooked, even in global, pan-African movements, course readings, presentations, and assignments will culminate in our attempt to better understand Blackness in the Canadian context.

Complete List of Fall 2024 Course offerings

Course code Title
GSJ 101 Intro to GSJ: The Global North
GSJ 108/ ENGL 108E Gender and Representation
GSJ 201 Gender and Social Justice in Pop Culture
GSJ 203 The Waves of Feminist Thought
GSJ 302 Thinking Through Gender: EnGendering War
GSJ 309/ ENGL 309G/ HIST 309 The Discourse of Dissent
GSJ 371/PHIL 386/BLKST 399 Black Existentialist Thought
GSJ 380/HLTH 380 Applied Public Health Ethics
GSJ 401 Global Health
GSJ 402/ PHIL 402/ 673/675 Feminist Care Ethics
GSJ 473/SDS 441R Pop Culture and Social Change

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