Sandra Burt Award

Sandra Burt Research Award

The Sandra Burt Research Award was established to honour the first Co-ordinator of Women’s Studies (now Gender and Social Justice), Dr. Sandra Burt.

An award valued at $500 is presented annually to a student enrolled in a 300- or 400-level Gender & Social Justice course. Interested candidates may submit a research project or paper they have submitted the preceding calendar year for a Gender & Social Justice course. Instructors of Gender & Social Justice courses may also nominate a student who has submitted an outstanding project or paper in the course they are teaching. Students who have graduated but were in a 300- or 400-level course when the project or paper was submitted are also eligible.

Deadline for paper or project submission is February 15.

Submissions should:

  1. Demonstrate excellent research, analytical and communication skills;
  2. Be insightful, thoughtful and provocative, and serve to inspire our thinking on a Gender & Social Justice related issue;
  3. Reveal the suitability of the topic to the interdisciplinary nature of Gender & Social Justice;
  4. Show creativity and originality.

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit the information (listed below) by email to the Gender & Social Justice Undergraduate Coordinator, along with a copy of the project or paper being nominated (or make arrangements for a physical project to be submitted). Please write Sandra Burt Research Award Submission in the subject line of the email.
  • Only one assignment per student will be accepted. Assignments can be edited versions of the original paper or project.
  • All identifying information should be removed from the paper or project (if possible) as it will be reviewed anonymously (as much as possible).
  • If a course instructor wishes to nominate a student, they should:
    • email the GSJ advisor with the name of the student being nominated;
    • inform the student to let them know that they has been nominated; and
    • inform the student it is up to them to submit their paper or project to the Undergraduate Coordinator if they wish to have it considered for the award.

Information to be included (in email) by the student submitting their paper.


Student ID Number:

Academic plan you are registered in:

Student’s year and term of study:

Title of assignment:

Course number & title that this paper was written for:

Course instructor that this paper was written for:

NOTE: In order for all submissions to be judged fairly, if possible students should remove their name and ID # from their project before submitting it.