Welcome to the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo

Our faculty are internationally renowned and our graduate and undergraduate programs are consistently ranked among the top departments in Canada. Our department conducts high-impact research in each of the six major subdivisions of psychology listed below.

  1. Oct. 6, 2021International Wisdom Summit

    Waterloo Psychology Professor Dr. Igor Grossmann invites colleagues and students to attend the free 2021 International Wisdom Summit, hosted virtually at UWaterloo on October 11 (Thanksgiving Monday). With more than 400 registered academics and interested scholars, this is the biggest scientific event exploring wisdom and its relationship to morality and culture.

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  2. Sep. 30, 2021Yesterday marks the launch of the Department of Psychology's EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) working group’s website

    The site provides information about the organizing group members’ reasons for participating, the committee’s goals and planned initiatives, and links to many helpful resources across campus.

    Importantly, you can also find a “Join Psychology EDI” link from which you can sign up to participate.

  3. Sep. 29, 2021Social inclusion of women by male colleagues in STEM fields can improve their workplace experience

    Organizations working to meaningfully improve diversity and inclusion in STEM may be missing a crucial consideration, new research suggests.

    In a two part study, researchers first examined whether acts of gendered social exclusion are systematically associated with men’s implicit gender stereotypes. They then turned to women’s experiences, investigating whether women’s workplace outcomes are associated with being socially excluded by male colleagues.

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