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  1. Nov. 29, 2016Studies examine racial bias in pollution, devaluation of black communities
    I​MAGE: Present-day racial biases may contribute to the pollution and devaluation of lower- and middle-class black communities, according to new research led by a UIC social psychologist.
  2. Nov. 29, 2016In What Ways Do Socially Anxious Adults Suffer?

    New research on the discomfort and avoidance of physical touch

    Hell is touching and being touched by other people. This is what we discovered in new research on how people suffering from social anxiety deal with seemingly positive emotional experiences. But before I dive into the details, let me offer insights into a silent epidemic.

  3. Nov. 29, 2016A psychological link between disease and gender equalitya movie scene from Children of men, declining public health

    As levels of infectious diseases rise, men and women change their life strategies.

    In the movie Children of Men, declining public health leads to extreme social inequality.

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