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Our faculty are internationally renowned and our graduate and undergraduate programs are consistently ranked among the top departments inCanada. Our department conducts high-impact research in each of the six major subdivisions of psychology listed below. 


  1. Nov. 2, 2022UW CNS Prof. Colin Ellard, featured on CBC news answering the question- Why are we indifferent to the suffering of millions?

    Psychologically speaking, the inability to grasp the scope of human suffering may be something that's ingrained.

    "Humans are evolutionarily disposed to care about and look after both ourselves and those to whom we are related," Ellard explains.

    "I think those kinds of kinship-related responses probably go some way to accounting for why we might have more difficulty responding to news of thousands of people, including hundreds of young children, who drowned in the floods in Pakistan than we do the 31 people who were killed by Hurricane Fiona."

  2. Oct. 3, 2022UWaterloo Social Psych Professors, Scholer and Grossmann, Named Fellows of SPSP

    Congrats to Prof. Abby Scholer and Prof. Igor Grossmann, who have been named Fellows of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. This prestigious designation is conferred on individuals “who have made an extraordinary and distinctive contribution to the science of personality and social psychology.” Abby and Igor join 29 other international scholars on the list of 2022 Fellows, and are two of only 5 Canadians receiving the Fellow designation this year.

  3. Sep. 13, 2022CNS Grad Student Brady Roberts, publishes meta-analysis that chronicles 60 years of memory research

    As lead author, Brady Roberts worked with his supervisors Myra Fernandes and Colin MacLeod, both UWaterloo professors in psychology, to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of the past 60 years of research on the enactment effect. Meta-analyses chronicle what previous studies have shown and assess various factors in the studies including how study design influences the reliability of results.

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  1. Dec. 15, 2022Olivia Merritt’s PhD Oral Defence

    Olivia Merritt’s thesis is entitled: “Close Others as Context: Understanding Treatment Attitudes in Anxiety and Related Disorders”

    This defence is being held remotely and is only open to the committee members, candidate, and the candidate's invited guests.

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