Our mission & vision

Close up of microscope and plastic brain sections

Mission statement

The Department of Psychology is committed to the discovery of knowledge about mind, brain, and behaviour, and to sharing that knowledge and the research processes that produce it with our students and our community. The department integrates undergraduate and graduate education, research, and service activities to advance the overall mission of the university.

We strive to accomplish these goals through:

Excellence in research

  • advancing the science of human behaviour—both basic and applied—from clinical, cognitive, developmental, neurological, organizational, and social perspectives

Excellence in teaching

  • providing students with knowledge and skills about mind, brain, and behaviour through innovative and rigorous courses and rich experiential learning opportunities

Excellence in graduate training

  • producing the next generation of leaders in research, in teaching, and in the applications of psychology

Excellence in service

  • sharing our knowledge and expertise, applying it to the improvement of mental wellbeing, and collaborating both locally and globally with researchers, our community, and policy makers