Submission of the PhD thesis following the defence

Once you have made any required corrections to your thesis and your committee members have signed off on the PhD Thesis Examination Report, the Associate Dean’s office will email you acknowledging that your thesis has been accepted and that you may submit your thesis to  Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) via UWSpace. It is only after you have received this email that you are able to submit your thesis electronically.

In the meantime, approximately one month prior to the completion of your degree requirements, you will apply to graduate in Quest. Note that the Expected Graduation Term from the Quest drop down list is the term in which you will be completing your degree requirements and not the term you will be convocating. Please send the Administrative Coordinator an email informing her that you have submitted the form online.  It's helpful to know that you have taken this next step.  

The University of Waterloo requires you to submit your thesis electronically. Once you have submitted your electronic copy to UWSpace, you will receive an email confirming that the form in which you submitted your thesis is acceptable or informing you that minor reformatting is still necessary.  When your thesis has been submitted satisfactorily, it will become available online through UWSpace.

The department no long requires the submission of hard-bound copies of theses. If you wish to obtain a paper copy of your thesis (i.e. in book form), W Print has many options available to print and bind your thesis.

It is highly recommended that you contact the Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Studies before you leave campus for the final time. It never hurts to make sure that you have completed all the necessary forms.