Developmental Psychology

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Students in the Developmental Psychology program are exposed to a variety of methods for studying the minds and behaviours of infants and children. They conduct hands-on research in collaboration with other students and faculty members, and have the opportunity to present this research through various outlets.

We offer two programs in the Developmental Area:

Developmental Psychology is the study of systematic psychological change across the lifespan. It is the study of how we become the people we are – how we learn about our physical and social worlds, how we develop our personalities and sense of self, and how we acquire language and the ability to communicate with those around us.

The Developmental Psychology graduate program has a strong focus on cognitive, social-cognitive, and language development in infancy and childhood, periods of rapid developmental change. We use a range of experimental methods to produce cutting edge research that creatively explores the minds of some of the most fascinating humans.

Developmental Core Faculty

Other faculty doing developmental research

Tara McAuley (Clinical)
Elizabeth Nilsen (Clinical)
Roxane Itier (Cognitive Neuroscience)

Developmental research labs

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Developmental Core Faculty

Other faculty doing developmental research

Tara McAuley (Clinical)
Elizabeth Nilsen (Clinical)
Roxane Itier (Cognitive Neuroscience)