Social Factulty L to R Ian MacGregor, Hilary Bergsieker, Abby Scholer, Joanne Wood, Igor Grossmann, Richard Eibach

Social Psychology emerged to understand social movements, injustice, polarization, racism, and cultural divides. Its core insight concerns the mutual constitution of culture and the mind, highlighting how social context and individual differences shape human thought, emotion, and behaviour.

As one of the top programs in North America, we have put that insight into practice by creating a collaborative context oriented toward addressing major social challenges, be it in interpersonal relationships, groups, or societies. We do so using innovative, cutting-edge and interdisciplinary methods. We work with industry partners and big data, to address bold, understudied questions aiming to improve human condition.

Waterloo is the birthplace of Social Psychology in Canada, and our alumni are major contributors in all research-intensive institutions in Canada (and many abroad), and in leading governmental and industry positions.

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Social research labs

Wisdom and Culture Lab homepage.

Self-Regulation and Motivation Lab homepage.

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