The work in the Wisdom and Culture Lab is guided by two broad themes:

  1. Demystifying wisdom: a “philosopher’s stone” in behavioral, cognitive and social sciences. Are there unique qualities distinguishing sound judgment beyond abstract intelligence and personality dimensions? Or is wisdom just a pipedream? To address this question, we aim to uncover misconceptions about wisdom and identify psychological processes that enable people to reason wisely.
  2. Modeling of cultural change: Social scientists have developed lofty theories about the origins and evolution of culture and the role of social and ecological processes for human nature. Most of these theories rely on anecdotes and cross-sectional observations. We aim to shift the paradigm by studying and model change in cultural and psychological processes.

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  1. Dec. 18, 2020World after Covid website has launched!

    Over the course of the summer-fall 2020 Dr. Grossmann asked over 50 of the world’s leading scholars in behavioral and social sciences, along with futurists and disaster/crisis management scholars to share their thoughts on what effects COVID-19 pandemic will have on our societies. The goal was to create a time capsule of scientists’ hopes and worries at this critical moment in human history. My team subsequently set up interviews on an interactive portal, guided by results of analyses of core themes and interrelationships of different themes brought up by scholars.

  2. Oct. 26, 2020The Science of Wisdom - Aeon Article

    Dr. Grossmann discusses how psychological science can measure and nurture wisdom in a recent Aeon article.

    Read the article here.

  3. Oct. 26, 2020Behavioral Science Forecasting Tournament - Stage 2 Recruitment

    The second stage of our forecasting tournament begins on November 15th, 2020.

    You can visit our forecasting tournament website for additional information and/or fill out a short form to let us know whether you are interested in participating.

    Please watch the following recruitment video for more information:

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