How to Join the Lab

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If interested in joining the lab as a doctoral student, feel free to contact Dr. Grossmann. If interested in joining the lab as an undergraduate research assistant, please fill out this application.

Graduate students

You can learn more about research in the lab under Research. To apply, check out the University of Waterloo's Social Psychology program and admission and application procedures.

Undergraduate students

Responsibilities for research assistants usually include: conducting experiments, coding data, analyzing data, and participating in laboratory discussions.

We ask for a minimum 10 hr/wk commitment, for at least two semesters. This arrangement allows you and the lab group to benefit from your training and skills.

Part-time volunteer and paid positions

Undergraduates can get involved in our lab in a number of ways. Every term, there are a number of volunteer research assistants who work in the lab. Paid research assistant positions are also sometimes available, typically after at least one term as a volunteer. If you are interested in working in the lab, please submit:

  1. The lab application form
  2. A letter of intent indicating your interests, what kind of research experience you are seeking, what capacity you would like to work in (work study, academic credit, etc.), and when you would be available to start. 
  3. Your resume
  4. Your transcript (unofficial transcripts OK) 
  5. Two or three names of reference (professors, bosses, TAs, etc.)

Send this information to:

Honours thesis students

If you are interested in doing your honours thesis in the lab, please contact Professor Grossmann to set up a time to discuss your research interests. Currently, the first available openings are for students beginning their thesis in the fall of 2022.  Interested students should contact Professor Grossmann at least one term in advance of their thesis start date.