Honours Thesis (PSYCH 499)


Psychology is a scientific approach to understanding mind and behaviour. Honours Psychology students all learn about the body of knowledge that exists in Psychology as well as the scientific procedures for making new discoveries. The honours thesis (PSYCH 499A/B/C) is an optional course for those who have a strong interest in conducting original research and wish to gain greater experience in research design, data analysis and interpretation. Students carry out the honours thesis project under the supervision of a faculty member and present the findings in a scholarly paper.

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Read the honours thesis handbook which is the PSYCH 499 course outline, effective Fall 2016.

Attend oral presentations by other students (see Oral Presentation Schedule below)

Read Honours thesis samples which may be signed out from the Psychology undergraduate office in Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology (PAS) 3007 or found online on the PSYCH 499 SharePoint site (only accessible to students currently enrolled in PSYCH 499). 

Attend a PSYCH 499 orientation meeting

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PSYCH 499 deadlines and important dates:

Oral Presentation Schedule

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PSYCH 499A enrolment prior to Fall 2016

For a copy of the corresponding course outline (i.e., the thesis handbook) for the term of PSYCH 499A enrolment, please contact Claudia Labahn (clabahn@uwaterloo.ca)