Please note that our program requirements differ depending on your year of admission to the University of Waterloo, and the year that you were admitted to the Psychology major. If you are unsure what calendar requirements you are following, please consult the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor. 

Please refer to our Admissions Requirements page for a breakdown of the courses and averages needed to become a PSYCH major.

The Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar 

The Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar is the official resource for degree, program, and plan level requirements for students at the University of Waterloo. Take the time to familiarize yourself with it and understand your requirements. 

Students can find the calendar requirements for the year you were admitted on the list of undergraduate studies archived calendars.

Students are assumed to be following the degree requirements of the UG Academic Calendar that was in effect during their admission to the faculty of their current plan. (e.g., a student admitted to the Faculty of Arts in Fall 2016 and the Psychology major in Fall 2017, is assumed to be following the 2016/2017 calendar requirements).

Students may request to switch to a newer version of the calendar as long as they are enrolled in courses during that calendar year (e.g., a student switching to the 2018/2019 calendar must be enrolled in courses Fall 2018 or later). 

Faculty of Arts (BA) Psychology Programs

Double/Joint Honours Psychology 

A Double or Joint Honours degree allows students to study an Honours Majors in two different disciplines.

Inside the Faculty of Arts, the term "Double Honours" is used for students pursuing two majors. Outside of the Faculty of Arts, this is referred to as a "Joint major." The requirements for both are the same.

"Old" (BA or BSc) Psychology Programs (prior to 2016)

Any Faculty

Please note, the information provided on this page is supplementary to the total requirements outlined on the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar. Students are ultimately responsible for understanding and meeting their academic requirements.  

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Please contact the relevant PSYCH advisor

Last updated: February 4, 2019