Advertisements for Research Assistant (RA) positions in the Psychology Department other than research awards

Instructions for students

Value of research experience

Approximately 30 students per term, particularly in the Fall and Winter terms, serve as volunteer Research Assistants (RA). These positions typically involve a commitment of 3-5 hours per week. Year 2 is not too early for such a position.

Typically 25 to 30 Psychology Majors per year receive academic credit for being a volunteer research assistant (see PSYCH 264/464). The PSYCH 264/464 positions involve a commitment of 8 hours per week for 13 weeks. Prior to enrolment in PSYCH 264 or 464 (Research Apprenticeship Courses), the course application form must be approved by the course supervisor and the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in the Psychology Department.

Thirty to 50 students per term (typically 3rd and 4th year students) are paid research assistants.

Most research assistant positions in the department are not advertised so networking is critical for securing such a position!

Speak to individual faculty members about the opportunities that are available in their labs (also ask for referrals).

Also ask graduate students in the department (e.g., your teaching assistants for courses) if they are aware of any research opportunities.

See below for available positions.

Information for faculty members and graduate students

If you are looking for research assistants (volunteer, paid, or Psych 264 or 464 students) for the current or next school term, please submit the details to Ana Carvalho  as soon as possible for posting on this page.

The PSYCH 264/464 positions (volunteer for academic credit) require a commitment of 8 hours per week for 13 weeks (see the course application form for details). Please include that information in your advertisement for a volunteer.

If a position is available as work placement or work study, this information must be noted in the advertisement.

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Current Volunteer RA or PSYCH 264/464 positions available

Students can take these opportunities on a volunteer basis, or apply for these positions to count as course credit. Please note that if you are doing PSYCH 264/464 as a course, there will be normal tuition fees associated with the course.

If you have a large amount of CR/NCR grades, transfer credits, or are a China 2+2 student, please consult with the Psychology advisor to make sure that a PSYCH 264/464 course credit will count towards your degree progress, as per the residency requirements.





    Cognitive Neuroscience 


    Paid RA Positions 

    Indigenous Workways

    The Indigenous Workways project aims to increase employment and career advancement for Indigenous youth in Southwest Ontario and nationally by developing applied organizational communication tools, organizational climate best practices, and Indigenous employment and mentor networks. This participatory action research is a collaborative effort among scholars and Aboriginal Education Centres from four recognized Southwest Ontario institutions. Ultimately, the research has the goal of enabling organizations to create psychologically safe workspaces, respectful organizational communication tools, and sustainable Indigenous alumni networks. The Indigenous Workways project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence.

    This position requires a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology or related discipline. Ideally this position will be filled by someone with experience working with Indigenous organizations and community. The position is one that will support ongoing research projects.  Candidates must have some experience in administration and/or project management.

    Hours: approx. 10 hrs/week, six months with potential renewal.


    • Research Support
      • Participate in conducting research work by performing specific assigned tasks, such as data collection and fieldwork
      • Organize and maintain documentation, experimental records and data; including electronic files and backups
      • Assist in analyzing and interpreting experiment results (using SPSS, SAS and/or R) or research data by performing tasks such as assembly, compilation and summary of statistical and other data
      • Participate in the organization and recruitment of research participants
      • Participate in the development of research related documents, including ethics applications, journal publications and dissemination of research findings
      • Assists with special projects and other duties related to the research
    • Project Coordination
      • Facilitate communication, engagement, and project activities (research related) with Indigenous Student Centres at Conestoga College, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Windsor, and University of Waterloo
      • Annual alumni survey
        • Coordinate ethics review/updates at UWaterloo and WLU
        • Assist CC and UWindsor in ethics review as needed
        • Compile annual alumni survey data from all institutions
      • Research Participant database
          • Be sure researchers are properly tracking all alumni contact and participation
          • Maintain secure database document
        • Work with Indigenous Student Centres to update participant database quarterly

    Interested persons should contact Dr. Catherine Kwantes, Psychology Department, University of Windsor: