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Advertisements for Research Assistant (RA) positions in the Psychology Department other than research awards

Instructions for students

Value of research experience

Approximately 30 students per term, particularly in the Fall and Winter terms, serve as volunteer Research Assistants (RA). These positions typically involve a commitment of 3-5 hours per week. Year 2 is not too early for such a position.

Typically 25 to 30 Psychology Majors per year receive academic credit for being a volunteer research assistant (see PSYCH 264/464). The PSYCH 264/464 positions involve a commitment of 8 hours per week for 13 weeks. Prior to enrolment in PSYCH 264 or 464 (Research Apprenticeship Courses), the course application form must be approved by the course supervisor and the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in the Psychology Department.

Thirty to 50 students per term (typically 3rd and 4th year students) are paid research assistants.

Most research assistant positions in the department are not advertised so networking is critical for securing such a position!

Speak to individual faculty members about the opportunities that are available in their labs (also ask for referrals).

Also ask graduate students in the department (e.g., your teaching assistants for courses) if they are aware of any research opportunities.

See below for available positions.

Information for faculty members and graduate students

If you are looking for research assistants (volunteer, paid, or Psych 264 or 464 students) for the current or next school term, please submit the details to Nadine Quehl as soon as possible for posting on this page.

The PSYCH 264/464 positions (volunteer for academic credit) require a commitment of 8 hours per week for 13 weeks (see the course application form for details). Please include that information in your advertisement for a volunteer.

If a position is available as work placement or work study, this information must be noted in the advertisement.

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Current positions available




Cognitive Neuroscience 


Paid RA positions

Job Title: Research Assistant (Winter 2019)

Professor: Dr. Danckert

Graduate Students: Allison Drody, Austin Hurst, and Jhotisha Mugon

Research Area: Research in boredom, mind-wandering and inattention (3 separate positions available).


  • Recruiting and scheduling participants
  • Running experiments with undergraduates
  • Data collection, entry, coding, and management of study materials
  • Attendance at laboratory meetings and trainings​
  • General laboratory maintenance

Time commitment: minimum 6 –8 hours/week 


  • Basic computer literacy is expected
  • Successful applicants will be conscientious, i.e., hard-working, reliable, organized.
  • Enthusiastic about learning cognitive neuroscience research practices.
  • Prior experience as a research assistant is desired (but not necessary).
  • Applicants should have at least an 80% average in their completed psychology courses
  • Applicants should enjoy working with others

Benefits: You will gain hands-on experience with all aspects of data collection and data entry. You will also learn about experimental designs and analysis. You are welcome to attend all lab meetings and learn more about the different research being done in lab. You can network with other graduate students in the lab as well as Dr. Danckert and will have the opportunity to suggest changes or future directions for certain studies. This experience will be highly beneficial if you plan to do an Honors thesis and further education.

How to apply: Please send an email to James Danckert ( stating why you would like this position. Attached to this email should be your resumé/CV, a Winter class schedule/plan, and a copy of your unofficial academic transcript from Quest.


Job Title: Research Coordinator - Part-time AND Full time positions available (Winter 2019)

The Research Coordinator will be in charge of coordinating studies run in the Self-Attitudes Lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo. Our lab studies the way in which our self-attitudes (such as being critical or compassionate towards ourselves) affect our emotions, cognitions, and behaviour. We are especially interested in how these self-attitudes affect body image and eating behaviour.

The Research Coordinator will take on daily operations in the lab and is responsible for recruiting and running participants, overseeing data collection and management, and communicating with the primary investigator. Other tasks will involve literature reviews, development and organization of study materials, data analyses, and miscellaneous administrative tasks.

This position is a great opportunity for a student looking to become immersed in a number of fascinating domains within the area of clinical psychology. The student will learn how to conduct complex psychological research, pick up critical research skills, and work directly with faculty and grad students.

Job Responsibilities

Duties will involve:

  • Recruiting and running participants for psychological studies
  • Overseeing data collection and management, helping with data analyses
  • Developing and organizing study materials
  • Reviewing research literature on relevant topics and presenting findings to principal investigator and other lab members
  • Participating in weekly lab meetings
  • Assisting with administrative tasks

Required Skills

The successful candidate is:

  • A student completing their undergraduate degree in Psychology or a related discipline with at least an 80% average in their psychology courses;
  • Interested in psychology and mental health research;
  • Motivated and conscientious, organized and detail-oriented;
  • Experienced in research, either through coursework or prior work/volunteering positions;
  • Intermediately experience with MS Office, especially Excel and Word;
  • Excellent in their written and oral communication skills;
  • Good at working independently and within a team environment; and
  • Proficient in meeting multiple and concurrent deadlines, with an ability to multi-task.

To apply: CVs, transcripts, and cover letters should be directed to

last updated: November 15, 2018