Research experience

Why is research experience is valuable?

  • skill development e.g., applying knowledge that you learn in the classroom. See Psychology Majors develop distinctive marketable skills.
  • assessing your interest and potential for doing research.
  • assessing your educational and career choices. For example:
    • might you seek employment where you would conduct research in educational, business, government, industry, or hospital/treatment settings?
    • will you pursue further studies? Will it be in psychology or not? Will it be a research oriented program or not? Will it be at the college or university level?
  • networking – get better known by faculty members:
    • who will be potential supervisors for a Directed Studies course (PSYCH 480-486) or an Honours Thesis projects (PSYCH 499A/B/C).
    • for whom a volunteer or part-time research position could lead to a full-time research position for you in the future.
    • who could be potential writers of recommendation letters regarding your potential for graduate studies or future employment, worthiness for scholarships for future study, etc.