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International Tobacco Control (ITC) Survey Manager


To provide leadership to the Survey Management Group throughout the full cycle of survey questionnaires, from planning through quality control and documentation; and to collaborate with Country Project Management personnel to maximize accuracy and efficiency in all survey-related matters and ensure cross-country comparability within an international longitudinal cohort survey evaluating international tobacco control policies.

This role is contingent on funding.



  • Provide direct day-to-day leadership for the ITC Survey Management Associates, the ITC Programmer, and ITC Survey Research Assistants, including the following
    • Workload assignments
    • Coaching and mentorship; Training and guidance in task completion
    • Managing performance in collaboration with the ITC Administrative Manager
    • Face-to-face meetings for planning and expectations
  • Liaise with Country Project Management team on country project timelines and key survey phases
  • Identify any risks and opportunity costs associated with project timelines
  • Identify the human resource needs of the Survey Management team as the ITC Project grows

Strategic Planning

  • Collaborate with the ITC Principal Investigator, ITC Managing Director/Senior Research Scientist, ITC Administrative Manager, ITC Knowledge Translation Manager, and DMC leadership to create an overall strategy for survey planning, development, checking, and documentation for each of the ITC country projects
  • Collaborate with Managing Director and Senior Research Scientist, Research Scientists, and Research Associates on survey content, survey design and organization, question and scale wordings, translation protocol, and documentation
  • Communicate the role of survey management and the survey management database in the larger context of an ITC country project to ITC team members and ITC global collaborators
  • Collaborate with the Managing Director/Senior Research Scientist, and ITC Administrative Manager to determine budget and resource requirements for survey preparation tasks and for testing of programmed surveys at the beginning of the production cycle for each upcoming survey

Management of Surveys

  • Oversee survey interpretation and preparation, including workload assignment, setting standards, estimating timelines, contributing to survey content decisions, in consultation with ITC Principal Investigator, ITC Managing Director/Senior Research Scientist, Research Scientists and Associates – Country Project Management, and DMC
  • Track progress of each survey through its many stages and ensure that the Survey Management Group’s various roles are fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner
  • Oversee quality control checks on all surveys for accuracy and consistency over countries and time. Direct the rigorous testing of programmed telephone and internet surveys
  • Train and coach Survey Management team members in the use of the ITC Survey database for survey preparation, documentation, information access, and generation of reports
  • Communicate with the survey firms who are programming telephone and internet surveys, ensuring that ITC standards and conventions for programming and data handling are met
  • Identify any issues related to cross-country and within-country comparability of surveys, communicating those issues to the ITC team members including the ITC Principal Investigator, ITC Managing Director/Senior Research Scientist, Research Scientists and Associates – Country Project Management, and DMC, as appropriate
  • Oversee the Survey Management team in providing survey information to the broader ITC community
    • For Investigators and Research Scientists and Associates: provide surveys, survey comparisons, and other reports that present survey questions in customized formats
    • For Data Analysts: generate syntax, codebooks, surveys, and other reports as required
    • For the ITC Knowledge Translation Manager: generate customized reports for cross-country comparison and dissemination purposes
    • For all ITC team members: provide current documentation and historical information about all surveys

Development of the Survey Management Database

  • Collaborate with ITC leadership to determine evolution and development of the ITC Survey database
  • Design new functions of the database; work with the ITC Programmer to see them developed and tested
  • Oversee database maintenance
  • Identify needs of the Country Project Management team, Knowledge Translation team, and Data Analysts that can be met by expansion of the Survey Management database, and consult with the relevant groups regarding implementation


  • Master’s degree in Health Sciences, Psychology, or other related academic field, with a focus on behavioural research in general and survey development in particular or equivalent experience
  • Five or more years’ experience in survey research, preferably in Psychology or Health Sciences
  • Experience in a leadership role, including management of people and performance, coaching, and mentorship
  • Experience with research datasets, data cleaning, and data handling
  • Experience with complex databases
  • Experience in the development of complex surveys is an important asset
  • Competencies will include leadership, project management, reliability, attention to detail, organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to lead and motivate teams in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment
  • Ability to provide feedback, coaching, and mentorship in survey management
  • Ability to multi-task, to work quickly and efficiently, and to maintain a creative and positive attitude under pressure
  • Excellent problem-solving skills; resourcefulness
  • Ability to manage through change
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to be meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Strong computer skills, particularly in Microsoft Office

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