Research Chair and Awards

Excellence in Research Award Winners

  • Derek Besner (2017)
  • Geoffrey Fong (2016)
  • Joanne Wood (2015)

Canada Research Chairs

Dillon Browne
Dillon Browne

Canada Research Chair in Child and Family Clinical Psychology

Research involves:

Understanding the way in which stressful social contexts influence developmental health by altering the nature of family relationships.

Research relevance:

This research includes the development, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based therapeutic and community services for children, youth, and families

Head shot of Evan Risko
Evan Risko

Canada Research Chair in Embodied and Embedded Cognition

Research involves: Investigating how we use our body and physical (and social) environment to help us think and how this coupling ultimately shapes our thinking.

Research relevance: This research will provide a deeper understanding of the embodied and embedded nature of cognition and can inform the development and design of tools to help us think more effectively.

head shot of Abigail Scholer
Abigail Scholer

Canada Research Chair in Motivated Social Cognition

Research involves:

Studying self-regulation and self-control in people in order to develop insights about temptations and a number of self-regulation problems.

Research relevance:

This research could lead to the development of interventions to help people resist temptations, make better decisions and live more fulfilling lives.

Previous Canada Research Chairs

James Danckert, Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience

Roxane Itier, Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroimaging and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

David Moscovitch, Canada Research Chair in Mental Health Research