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Clinical Psychology

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Originating in 1963, the University of Waterloo’s Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)-accredited Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Training Program was developed to educate scientist-practitioners in the fashion recommended by the Boulder Model. From the start, we aspired to the highest levels of skill development in both research and clinical practice, so that our graduates would achieve leadership roles in academic and applied psychology settings. Over the last three decades, consistently about one-third of our graduates have taken academic appointments and continue in a major role as researchers and scholars, and many of the remaining two-thirds, who go into clinical practice, have assumed important positions as chief psychologists, leaders of large consultation practices, directors of internship training programs, officers of professional societies, and the like.

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Clinical research labs

Last updated: Aug 16, 2018


Christine Purdon, Professor, Director of Clinical Training

David Moscovitch, Executive Director of the CMHR 

Marjory Phillips, Director of the CMHR 

Clinical Core Faculty

Clinical Teaching Faculty

Administrative Coordinator

Clinical Adjunct Supervisors

Ed Beharry
Pam Beharry
Peter Bieling
Jennifer Boyd
Rick Coupland
Roger Covin
Phil Dodgson
Stephanie Dubois
Michelle Duwyn
Nicole Ethier
Dee Gavric (Jan 2018)
Shannon Gifford
Brendan Guyitt
Carol-Anne Hendry
Tevya Hunter
Chris Lane
David LeMarquand
Karen MacLeod
Sam Mikail
Walter Mittelstaedt
Elizabeth Orr
Melanie Parkin
Joe Regan
Kate Spere
Elizabeth Stevens
Phil Toman
Margaret Weiser
Carolyn Wilson
Richard Zayed (Jan 2018)