Joining the Lab

Graduate students

Dr. Bergsieker may accept one graduate student (ideally with strong interest in intergroup relations and antiracism) starting in Fall 2024. You can learn more about our program and the application procedure by checking out University of Waterloo's social psychology program and admission and application procedures.

Undergraduate students

Part-time research assistants positions

Undergraduate researchers are the foundation of the DIGR Lab. Every term, there are a number of volunteer research assistants who work in the lab. Paid research assistant positions are also sometimes available, typically after at least one term as a volunteer. Please see the research assistant posting for eligibility and application procedures.

The application may be found here.

Honours thesis students

If you are interested in doing your honours thesis in the lab, please contact Professor Bergsieker to set up a time to discuss your research interests. Interested students should contact Professor Bergsieker at least one term in advance of their thesis start date.