Lab Alumni

Honours Thesis Students

Mahsa Edalatkhak

Mahsa shared results from her thesis, entitled "Effects of Social Support in Response to Racism on Psychological Well-Being Among People of Colour," at the Annual Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis Conference in May.

Areej Rizvi

Areej presented her thesis work on "Identity-Based Variation in How Organizational Cues Impact Expected Inclusion" at the 2023 Psychology Discovery Conference (Waterloo, ON) and Connecting Minds Conference (Vancouver, BC).

Erik Saul Caceros

Erik, now a graduate student in social psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University, is conducting follow-up research to extend the exciting findings in his thesis, entitled "Hopes and Fears: Contrasting Expected Versus Desired Reactions to Disclosures of Discrimination."

Yingfan (Viola) Zhang

Viola's research, which she conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time of rising anti-Chinese racism, asked: "Do Media Portrayals of Discrimination in Canada and Abroad Shape Perceptions of Anti-Chinese Racism?"

Katie Ashcroft

Katie won the departmental thesis award for her outstanding thesis entitled "White People’s In-the-Moment Support to Black People Following Racial Discrimination."

Sachi Dow

Sachi examined how subtle cues of inclusion or exclusion affect career interest in her thesis: "She Said, He Said: Critical Feedback from Potential Female (vs. Male) Coworkers Signals Lack of Support for Women in Male-Dominated Careers."

Kim Vuong

Kim tackled the phenomenon of "mansplaining" in her thesis: "Advice Giving Gone Awry: Do Gender Stereotypes Shape Advice Giving?"

Seth Mahon

Seth's thesis extended current research on social networks to look at interconnection and influence across different spheres in his work on "How Students' Referent Networks Influence Career Choices."

Thyra Calvert

Thyra presented her thesis, "Combating stereotypes about the sexuality of people with disabilities" (April 2015), at the 37th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference, and is currently pursuing her Masters at the University of Guelph.

Charnel Grey

Charnel presented her thesis, "Women Engineers Contend with Collective Threat: Effects on Friendship Networks" (August 2013), at the Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis Conference in 2013. She is currently pursuing further education at the University of Toronto.

Lucy Li

Lucy completed her thesis, "The Downside of Self-Presentation: Hidden Costs for Learning and Enjoyment in Interactions," in August of 2013.

Judy Lui

Judy completed her thesis, "Interethnic Ideology and Shifting Stereotype Content,” in April of 2014, and is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant and pursuing further education at the University of Guelph.

Rachel Moline

Rachel completed her thesis, "The Validation of the GOAL Questionnaire" (April 2015), and presented this at the Annual Ontario Psychology Undergraduate Thesis Conference in 2015. She was also one of six students awarded the 2015 Undergraduate Thesis Awards and is also on the Highly Commended list for the 2016 Undergraduate Awards. She is currently pursuing further education at the University of Guelph.

Sarthak Thakur

Sarthak completed his thesis, "Standard vs. Strategic Communication: Negative Inferences via Innuendo," in August of 2014.

Lab Coordinators

Jacklyn Koyama

Jackie was a valuable member of the DIGR Lab. She scheduled numerous dyad studies and acted as an experimenter, working with hundreds of participants. Jackie also acted as a recruiter in several in-class sessions. Jackie is currently pursuing further education at the University of Toronto under the guidance of Elizabeth Page-Gould.

Tyler Hartwig

Tyler was an invaluable lab manager in the DIGR Lab. He managed dozens of projects and research assistants and created surveys with his high level programming skills. Tyler often conducted data analysis and help with the creation of survey measures. Tyler also acted as a recruiter for our summer camp project and was the technical backbone of several studies. Tyler is currently pursuing medical school at the University of Toronto.

Research Assistants

Sondous Attar
Alexandra Barbeau-Morrison
Emily Bissada
Jacqueline Brule
​Helen Cai
Shannon Compton 
Tina Dang
Zenusha Edathodu
Katie Finch
Lee Follis
Chloe Fournier
Rebecca Francey
Ian-Jyzel Gallardo
Sukhdip Grewal
Terran Harlow
Reanne Howard
Grace Hu
Jessica Huang
Peter Kim
Yuna Lee
Chloe Li
Akkshini Loganathan
Jimmy Meftuh
Julia Meriel
Raquel Mignott 
Amber Mongaya
Kim Morell
Ellin Park
Caitlin Pibus
Garrett Shay
Thiviyan Sithganesan
Varshini Skantharajah
Vanessa Tran
Angello TsengChen  
Sonia Vintan 
Emma Wehner
Colm Williamson​
Janet Wong
Tiffanie Yuen
Alys Zhao
Maja Ramljak
Mane Kara-Yakoubian
Monica Bustos