March 15, 2022 update: After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce that our 2022 Spring Convocation ceremonies will be held in person. Since convocations were celebrated virtually during the pandemic, we are also inviting our 2020 and 2021 alumni back to campus to recognize their monumental achievements through four special in-person ceremonies. Please note that we will continue to monitor public health guidelines and follow COVID-19 safety protocols in accordance with the University of Waterloo’s policies and procedures.

Visit the convocation website for the most current details, including dates, times and ticket information.

Congratulations on nearing the end of your program! Review the following graduation checklist for master's and doctoral students to ensure everything is in order so that you can receive your degree or diploma.

Graduate Studies graduation checklist

Step 1: Apply to graduate
Step 2: Verify your name for your diploma
Step 3: Verify your mailing and email address
Step 4: Verify your degree status
Step 5: Pay outstanding University accounts
Step 6: Next steps 


Step 1: Apply to graduate

Apply to graduate in Quest approximately one month prior to the completion of your degree requirements:

  • Select My Academics
  • Select the Graduation tab
  • Select the Apply for Graduation link
  • Select the Expected Graduation Term from the drop down list
  • Review the Graduation Instructions and then select Continue

Those that degree complete:

  • September 1 – April 30 will be eligible for spring Convocation
  • May 1 – August 31 will be eligible for fall Convocation


Step 2: Verify your name for your diploma

In Quest, check the name that appears in the Legal/Primary name type of the Personal Information section (Quest website). This is the name that will be printed on your diploma.

If you'd like to make changes/additions/deletions to your name (including middle names), submit a Change of Name form (Graduate studies forms website) with the required documentation to The Centre (the Centre website) by the following deadlines:

  • May 1 for spring Convocation
  • September 1 for fall Convocation

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    Step 3: Verify your mailing and email addresses

    Mail address

    In Quest (Quest website), verify that your mail address is current. This is the address to which your diploma will be send if you are unable to attend Convocation or convocation is held virtually. Note, if you only have a home address showing, please add a mail address type. To avoid information being sent to the wrong address or not being accepted by courier services, review our detailed instructions for reviewing and updating your address.

    Additionally, ensure you have an up-to-date telephone number listed in Quest (required for courier services).

    Deadlines to update information:

    • May 1 for spring Convocation
    • September 1 for fall Convocation

    Email address

    Important Convocation information is sent via email to your Waterloo account. Please continue to monitor emails sent to this address.


    Graduation cap

    Step 4: Verify your degree status

    You can view your graduation status in the following ways:

    • Return to the My Academics, and select the Graduation link.
    • In the Degrees Awarded section at the beginning of your unofficial transcript (Quest website).


    Step 5: Pay outstanding University accounts

    In Quest, check whether you owe the University money (for parking fines, library fines, tuition balances, etc.). Your diploma and transcript may be withheld if outstanding fees aren't paid by:

    • June 1 for spring Convocation
    • October 1 for fall Convocation

    Event tickets

    Step 6: Next steps

    Up-to-date information about convocation, including dates and times, is available on the Convocation event website.

    Note: Alumni have access to Quest indefinitely after graduation to generate account statements and to access tax receipts.