Why Co-op?

Employers expect employees to be able to analyze information and make decisions about problems that arise at work. Employees need to be able to clarify the question, identify the data required, determine methods to obtain the data, and employ analytic techniques to allow one to draw a conclusion. A very good way to acquire these skills is to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

There are two co-op programs available with the Psychology Major:

  • Honours Psychology 'Departmental' Co-op (Faculty of Arts or Science),
  • Honours Psychology and Arts and Business Co-op (Faculty of Arts). 

Those in Departmental Co-op will have a total of 8 full-time school terms and 4 fourth-month work terms. Those in Arts and Business Co-op will have 8 full-time school terms and 5 four-month work terms.

Future students

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Last updated: March 24, 2017