College programs of interest to future Psychology alumni

Post-Graduate options

Many students with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology further their education at the college level in order to obtain applied skills for a particular career path.

Examples of college programs

(An asterisk following the program denotes a career focused post-graduate program for those who have completed a Bachelor's degree.)

  • Addictions Counsellor*
  • Addictions and Mental Health*
  • Applied Counselling*
  • Autism and Behavioural Science*
  • Behavioural Science Technologist
    (e.g., to work as support workers or counsellors for special populations such as those with brain injury, autism, developmental disabilities, physical challenges, young offenders, etc.)*
  • Career Development Practitioner*
  • Child and Youth Worker*
  • Communicative Disorders Assistant*
  • Concurrent Disorders Graduate Certificate Program*
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations*
  • Developmental Services Worker*
  • Early Childhood Education*
  • Early Childhood Education - Advanced Studies in Special Needs*
  • Educational Assistant
  • Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Practioner*
  • Human Resources Management*
  • Instructor for Blind and Visually Impaired - Rehabilitation Teaching*
  • International Business Management*
  • Marketing Management*
  • Nursing
  • Police Services (e.g., Police Foundations, Advanced Police Studies, Law and Security)*
  • Research Analyst*
  • Social Services Worker*
  • Social Services Worker - Gerontology
  • Teaching English as a Second Language*
  • Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion*
  • etc.

Post-graduate programs

Post-graduate programs are typically 8-16 months in duration. Some schools indicate that a Bachelor's degree is an acceptable prerequisite for admission but go further to say that a degree in Social Science (e.g., Psychology) or a degree in Psychology is recommended or preferred. Examples of such programs:

If you are unsure that you will have the necessary background to apply for admission to a particular college level program (e.g., the Major for your Bachelor's degree is different than the one listed in the advertised prerequisites but you have taken the necessary course prerequisites), contact the host school directly to discuss your background in relation to those course requirements.

Searching for college programs

Ontario Council of Articulation and Transfer: find graduate certificate programs, accelerated diploma programs, and advanced diploma programs at Colleges for university graduates.


Refine your search when checking those websites e.g.,

  • program length e.g., one year or less
  • program level e.g., post-diploma or post-graduate
  • program type e.g., accelerated
  • credential e.g., advanced diploma or graduate certificate
  • by key word e.g., addictions, administration, advertising, autism, behavioural, business, career, communicative disorders, corporate communication, design, early childhood, health, human resources, information technology, management, marketing, police, public relations, social services, etc.