Department of Psychology policies

  1. Accommodations to course requirements for psychology courses
  2. Access to psychology programs
  3. Access to psychology courses
    1. Courses needing application forms
    2. Priority enrolment:
      1. advanced statistics (PSYCH 391)
      2. advanced research methods courses: PSYCH 389, 390,
      3. honours seminars: PSYCH 420, 451, 453, 454, 455, 457, 458, 459, 461, 463)
    3. Repeating psychology courses
  4. Concerns about a psychology course or the instructor (informal stage)
    1. Grade appeal procedures for psychology courses
  5. Conditional standing - current psychology Majors
  6. Course outline - official version
  7. Ethics clearance for research
  8. Residency requirements for degree
    • At least half of the total number of psychology courses required for the Psychology plan (major or minor) must be successfully completed at the University of Waterloo on a numerical grading basis and the final grades for those courses must be included in the cumulative psychology average (e.g., at least 4.0 units PSYCH for the Honours Psychology (BA))