Special Topics and Honours Seminars

PSYCH 363 held with PSYCH 470

PSYCH 363 - Special Topic: Computing and Psychological Research

Whether for business or science there is great value from combining your psychology knowledge with computer skills. A start-up wants to do A/B testing; your stats courses give you the content knowledge, but can you write the R script to process the data? A potential graduate student supervisor wants to do an innovative experiment they cannot perform with E-Prime, can you offer to program the experiment in Python? Psychology is said to be in a reproducibility crisis, can you write your articles or business reports in a fully reproducible fashion that will allow for their dissemination, replication, and automation? Psych 363 will introduce you to all these tools, so that you can grow your expertise and achieve the professional benefits that come by synergizing your content knowledge with the practical expertise that is de rigueur in contemporary professional and academic settings. Use of your own personal computer is required.

PSYCH 470 Special Topics in Applied Psychology

Honours Seminar topics

Honours Seminar Priority Enrolment policies

Enrolment limits will be a maximum of 25 students per section. In order to facilitate students completing degree requirements in a reasonable amount of time, the Psychology Department reserves the right to implement priority enrolment for honours seminars as follows: priority to fourth year students over third year students, priority to those who have not taken an honours seminar previously, typically no more than one honours seminar per term will be allowed, priority in the Spring term section(s) to those in the co-op stream of study.

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