Cognitive Science Minor

Over the course of the Cognitive Science minor, students will become familiar with the development of Cognitive Science, what the primary concerns are, including mind, thinking and intelligence, and grasp the relevance and basic contributions of the various disciplines relevant to Cognitive Science.


Applications may be submitted to the Director at any time, and should include a transcript of grades and a brief (one page) statement of the student's interest in cognitive science. Students applying should have at least a 70% average, and should have taken at least one of the required courses. 


Students enrolled in any degree program may pursue a minor designation in Cognitive Science. This Minor will be of particular interest to students who wish to pursue the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence.

The Cognitive Science Minor requires successful completion of a minimum of four academic course units (eight courses) with a minimum cumulative average of 65%, including:


  • Course selection must be approved by the Director of the Cognitive Science Minor or by the Philosophy Department Undergraduate Officer.
  • Courses in the "three of" category above can also be counted as electives if they are not counted toward the "three of" requirement.