Cognitive Science program information and advising including advice about course planning, becoming a Cognitive Science minor, and plan modifications:

Cognitive Science Advisor


Winter 2019 Course Offerings

Course Code Course Name Instructor
PSYCH 101 Intro to Psychology P. Wehr
M. McCarthy
J. Wood
ANTH 204 Biological Anthropology A. Dolphin
PSYCH 207 Cognitive Processes TBD
INTEG 251 Creative Thinking V. Schweizer
PHIL 256/PSYCH 256 Intro to Cognitive Science N. Ray
PSYCH 261 Physiological Psychology D. Smilek
ENGL 306A Intro to Linguistics TBD
ENGL 309A Rhetoric, Classical to Enlightenment N. Klassen
PSYCH 314 Cognitive Development O. Friedman
SYDE 348 User Centred Design Methods C. MacGregor
CS 349 User Interfaces E. Lank
J. Avery
C. Kierstead
KIN 356 Information Processing in Human Perceptual Motor Performance M. Barnett-Cowan
SYDE 372 Intro to Pattern Recognition A. Wong
ENGL 392B Visual Rhetoric J. Clary-Lemon
ECE 457B Computational Intelligence F. Karray
CS 485 Statistical & Computational Foundations of Machine Learning S. Ben-David
CS 486 Intro to Artificial Intelligence J. Hoey
SYDE 552 Computational Neuroscience B. Tripp
SYDE 556 Simulating Neurobiological Systems C. Eliasmith


PHIL 256/PSYCH 256: Introduction to Cognitive Science

Dog, computer and woman

COGSCI 300/PHIL 256: Intelligence in Machines, Humans, and Other Animals