Classical Studies

Take your love for Homer beyond the Simpsons.

Delve into the roots of Western civilization. In Classical Studies, you'll gain a deep understanding of ancient Greece and Rome — cultures that continue to shape our thinking and our society today.

Discover the enduring ideas of greats like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Master enough ancient Greek and Latin to study classic texts in their original language. Explore the many facets of antiquity: from history, religion, and philosophy to art, science, and technology.

Meanwhile, you’ll have lots of room to round out your education with courses from other departments or faculties.

Once you’ve graduated, the broad thinking demanded by Classical Studies will serve you well in a range of careers, including law, policy, culture, education, and more.

Study overseas

The Acropolis is calling! Take advantage of study-abroad opportunities in the Mediterranean, or do an internship with the Canadian Institute in Greece.

Enjoy great discussions

Do more than just take notes. In our small classes, you’ll have lots of opportunity for debate and discussion.


About the Classical Studies program

briefcase Available as a co-op and regular program

Graduation cap Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies

icon of the globeInternational exchanges in 25 countries

icon of network of peopleOffered by the Faculty of Arts

icon of open bookAvailable as a major and minor



First-year Classical Studies courses

September to December

CLAS 100 - An Introduction to Classical Studies
Arts First requirement 1*
3 additional courses

January to April

CLAS 104 - Classical Mythology
CLAS 105 - Introduction to Medieval Studies
Arts First requirement 2*
2-3 additional courses

*The Arts First requirement consists of 2 first-year courses that are capped at 25 students: ARTS 130 - Inquiry and Communication and ARTS 140 - Information and Analysis. Instead of listening to a lecture and trying to capture notes, Arts First courses will have you and your classmates working together to respond to a challenge posed by the instructor.

After first year

40% of the classes you’ll take will be Classical Studies courses. With your remaining classes, you can choose electives from many of the 100 subject areas at Waterloo or fulfil additional requirements for your chosen entry program.

Sample upper-year courses 

CLAS 220 – Philosophy of Friendship
CLAS 325 – Greek and Roman Religion
CLAS 327 – Astrology and Magic
CLAS 384 – Science and Technology of Ancient Greece and Rome


Customize your Bachelors of Arts in Classical Studies degree

You can also add additional areas of interest and expertise by including a minor (or minors) as part of your degree.

Gain relevant work experience through co-op

By alternating school terms and paid co-op work terms throughout your degree, you can explore new career areas and types of employers as your career interests evolve. Co-op is available to students studying Classical Studies through Honours Arts and Business.


  • Actor & President, Ludwig International Enterprises
  • Development Officer, National Ballet of Canada
  • Software Development Manager, Wescom Solutions Inc.
  • Senior Project Manager, TELUS Corporation
  • Director, Sales & Marketing, Cumulus One Corp.
  • Teacher, Chignecto-Central Regional School Board

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