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Welcome to Social Development Studies

What is Social Development Studies?

Social Development Studies empowers students to pursue lives and careers dedicated to the promotion of individual and community well-being.  

Social Development Studies (SDS) is a Bachelor of Arts major offering courses in human and social development, including psychology, sociology, and social work. Students develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal relations, leadership, civic engagement, and global citizenship. With a University of Waterloo degree and an SDS major, graduates attain an excellent foundation for graduate studies, professional programs, and careers in human and public service.

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  1. Feb. 3, 2020SDS Pilot Program Aims to Support Student Connection

    SDS Academic Advisor Jennifer Andrews-Coffey was recently showcased in Campus Wellness for her role in launching the "SDS Buddies" program.

    The 2019-2020 pilot program was designed to help students transition to university by facilitating connection between new and current students in Social Development Studies. Recruitment of volunteer "Mentor Buddies" ran in Spring 2019 and they were hand-matched with incoming students across a variety of characteristics.

  2. Nov. 26, 2019UWaterloo students win global competition

    Congratulations to SDS minor student Leah Wouda (above, left) and her team at SheCycle! Their project won the $30,000 top prize in the "World's Challenge Challenge" competition, held this summer at Western University (London, ON).

  3. Aug. 29, 2019Spring 2019 Convocation Award Winners

    Congratulations to the following SDS Students, who received prestigious awards during the Spring 2019 Convocation Ceremony. 

    Zoe Dunbar - Board of Governors Medal for Academic Achievement

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