Department Consent Courses

There are five Social Development Studies courses that go beyond traditional lecture or seminar-style learning. These require a separate application from the student to be approved by the department before they are manually enrolled (i.e. enrolling through Quest during course selection or add/drop will result in students being removed from the course).

More information on the application process per course can be found by clicking each Course Title below. 

Course Code Course Title Course Description

*398R, 399R, 490R 

Independent and Special Studies

Work with a faculty member on your own research and/or project - a great opportunity to investigate personal interests in-depth with faculty supervision and support. 

*Code is dependent on research/project content and supervising faculty member expertise (SDS, SOCWK, PSYCH, SOC)

SDS 495R Research Apprenticeship Work with a faculty member on their current research projects, gaining valuable experience and skills that could contribute towards future graduate studies or fieldwork.
SDS 496R Applied Apprenticeship Volunteer in local KW community organizations for 6-8 hours per week and attended weekly seminar classes at Renison for half the term, blending academics and experiential learning.
SDS 499A & SDS 499B Thesis / Senior Honours Essay Work with a faculty member to investigate an area of Social Development Studies over two consecutive terms. Complete either an essay involving in-depth literature research and analysis, or a report on your own experiments involving ethics, literature review, research design, data collection, and analysis.


Walls to Bridges (W2B)

Note: not offered every year

University or college-based classes taught in jails, prisons, and community correctional settings. They are rotated annually between participating schools. When W2B runs through Renison, students who are (or have been) incarcerated learn together with students enrolled in university/college programs.


  • This is a list of our full-time faculty and their research interests. Ideally your topic should align somewhat with your supervisor's expertise so they can best support you. Please email them directly to inquire about supervision opportunities. 
  • Students who opt to do a specialization may be able to take some of the courses listed above as part of their specialization requirements, provided that the topics studied fit with the chosen specialization. Department consent will be required.