Faculty research interests

If you are interested in doing any of the department courses that require application and supervision, please consult the list below to determine which SDS faculty member you would be interested in working with. You will need to connect with that person before applying to confirm if they can act as your supervising professor for the particular term(s) you are planning to take the course(s).

Questions? E-mail sds@uwaterloo.ca

Rob Case

Robert Case

Social welfare policy, community development, community organization, social movements, and activism

See Dr. Case's profile or email them directly.

Doug Cowan

Doug Cowan

Popular culture; sociology of knowledge and propaganda theory; religion and social development; meaning-making through storytelling and gameplay; atheism, skepticism, and non-belief

See Dr. Cowan's profile or email them directly.

Hsiao d'Ailly

Hsiao d'Ailly

Educational psychology; cognition and instruction; motivation; cross-cultural psychology; immigrant adaptation

See Dr. d'Ailly's profile or email them directly.

Craig Fortier

Craig Fortier

Settler colonialism; social movements, abolitionist and decolonizing social work; popular culture and radical change; trans-disciplinary social justice pedagogy; urban memorialization; accounting history; Indigenous & settler relationships, colonization/decolonization; Indigenous theory; migrant justice movements; nationalism and sovereignty; queer, trans*, and non-binary participation in sport; and baseball history

See Dr. Fortier's profile or email them directly.

Meg Gibson

Margaret (Meg) Gibson

LGBTQ communities and sexuality studies; Disability studies; Parenting and families; Critical social work practice; Feminist research methods; History and philosophy of healthcare and social services

See Dr. Gibson's profile or email them directly.

Chris Hiller

Chris Hiller

Settler colonialism; Indigenous-settler relations; education towards decolonization; critical pedagogy; alliance building and allyship; social movements; anti-colonial activism; conflict transformation and peacebuilding; qualitative research methods; narrative; anti-oppressive and anti-colonial social work

See Dr. Hiller's profile or email them directly (currently on leave).

Kristina Llewellyn

Kristina Llewellyn

Oral history and citizenship education; history and sociology of education; equity and restorative approaches to education; gender history; qualitative methods; teachers and teaching; feminist pedagogies; virtual reality and education.

See Dr. Llewellyn's profile or email them directly.

Christine Logel

Christine Logel

Health psychology; gender and racial stereotypes; self-esteem

See Dr. Logel's profile or email them directly.

Denise Marigold

Denise Marigold

Close relationships; social support; attachment; self-esteem; positive psychology.

See Dr. Marigold's profile or email them directly.

Crystena Parker-Shandal

Crystena Parker-Shandal

Restorative justice in education, transformative justice, antiracist education, critical literacy, equity and inclusion, immigrants and refugees, K-12 schools; youth leadership; social justice; peacebuilding and dialogue.

See Dr. Parker-Shandal's profile or email them directly.

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Tracy Peressini

Gender inequality and homelessness; single parents' mental health; Aboriginal poverty; role of pets in health and well-being of Canadians; poverty; homelessness; welfare policy; social inequality; mental health; fragile families; social support; survival strategies; social movements

See Dr. Peressini's profile or email them directly.

Sharon Roberts

Sharon Roberts

Transition to adulthood; identity resolution; anthropomorphic identities (furry fandom, furries); youth.  

See Dr. Roberts' profile or email them directly

Arshi Shaikh-Grande

Arshi Shaikh-Grande

Healing, wellbeing and wellness; diversity of worldviews; structural violence of colonization, patriarchy, and capitalism (neoliberalism); tantric path of inner awakening; matrilineal spirituality and matriarchal societies.

See Dr. Shakih-Grande's profile or email them directly.