The Social Development Studies Major consists of psychology, sociology, social work and interdisciplinary (SDS) courses. 

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Online SDS Courses 

Note: Courses with "R" are offered through SDS at Renison. Courses without "R" are offered through the Psychology and Sociology departments.


  • SDS 131R
  • SDS 150R
  • SDS 210R
  • SDS 220R
  • SDS 250R
  • SDS 251R
  • SDS 331R
  • SDS 350R
  • SDS 355R   
  • SDS 357R
  • SDS 358R
  • SDS 400R
  • SDS 405R
  • SDS 425R


  • SOCWK 120R
  • SOCWK 220R
  • SOCWK 221R
  • SOCWK 222R
  • SOCWK 300R
  • SOCWK 301R
  • SOCWK 321R


  • SOC 101
  • SOC 204R
  • SOC 207R (coming soon)


  • PSYCH 101 
  • PSYCH 213R
  • PSYCH 253 
  • PSYCH 312 
  • PSYCH 354R/PSYCH 354
  • PSYCH 356R/PSYCH 356
  • PSYCH 444R​


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Independent Study / Special Studies Courses

  • You must apply for enrolment in these courses:
    • SDS 398R, 399R, 490R, 499A/B
    • PSYCH 398R, 399R, 490R
    • SOCWK 398R, 399R, 490R
    • SOC 398R, 399R, 490R
  • Normally, a student may take a maximum of two Independent Studies courses: SDS 398R, 399R; PSYCH 398R, 399R; SOCWK 398R, 399R; SOC 398R, 399R, 499A/B
  • Only SDS 490R is eligible for the specializations, however the topic(s) studied must be related to the specialization.  You will request approval within the application form.

Special Topics Courses

  • The following courses are offered subject to the research and/or instructional interests of faculty:
    • SDS 375R, 450R
    • PSYCH 375R, 450R
    • SOCWK 375R, 450R
    • SOC 375R, 450R
  • SDS 450R: Comparative and International Education is the only special topics course that can currently count toward a specialization (Education). 

Apprenticeship Courses

  • You must apply for enrolment in the following apprenticeship courses:
    • SDS 495R, 496R
  • If you wish the course to apply towards a specialization, the research or placement must be related to the specialization.  You will request approval within the application form.
  • These courses are offered on a CR/NCR basis only.

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