Social Development Studies is an interdisciplinary social science major combining courses from social work (SOCWK), psychology (PSYCH), sociology (SOC), and the department's own courses (SDS). Many courses are offered online, but not guaranteed to be online in every term. See the notes section for more important information.

  • SDS courses
  • SOCWK courses
    • Social Work courses at the undergraduate level (SOCWK) are not the same courses for Renison's Bachelor of Social Work program (SWREN). Some SOCWK courses do save seats for specific students under an SWREN cross-listing, but if in the SDS major be sure to choose only SOCWK codes (not SWREN).
  • Only specific PSYCH and SOC courses count for SDS plans. See below for a list of codes and titles, and click on the prior links for more details. 
    • TIP: If a PSYCH or SOC course has "R" in the code, it's a Renison-owned course that will count for most SDS plans. If if doesn't have an "R" in the code but is cross-listed (e.g. PSYCH 101/101R; see notes) and in the list below, it will still count.
Course Code Course Title
PSYCH 101/101R Introductory Psychology
PSYCH 212/212R Educational Psychology
PSYCH 213R Exceptional Children
PSYCH 226R Positive Psychology
PSYCH 253/253R Social Psychology
PSYCH 257/257R Psychopathology
PSYCH 312/312R Learning Disabilities
PSYCH 334R Theories of Individual Psychology
PSYCH 349R Cross-cultural Psychology
PSYCH 354/354R Interpersonal Relationships
PSYCH 356/356R Personality
PSYCH 444R Psychological Interventions
PSYCH 448R Close Relationships
SOC 101/101R Introduction to Sociology
SOC 204R Sociology of Adolescence
SOC 207/207R Sociology of Education
SOC 223/223R/LS 223 Deviance - Perspectives and Processes
SOC 224R Poverty in Canada and its Social Consequences

Online SDS Courses 

Many SDS-counted courses are available online, but are not guaranteed to be offered online every term. See the Centre for Extended Learning's website for up-to-date scheduled offerings.

  • The online 400lvl courses are SDS 400R, SDS 405R, SDS 425R, and PSYCH 444R. The department aims to offer two in fall and winter terms and at least one in spring terms.


  • SDS 131R 
  • SDS 150R
  • SDS 210R
  • SDS 220R
  • SDS 250R
  • SDS 251R
  • SDS 331R
  • SDS 350R
  • SDS 355R   
  • SDS 357R
  • SDS 358R
  • SDS 400R
  • SDS 405R
  • SDS 425R


  • SOCWK 120R
  • SOCWK 220R
  • SOCWK 221R
  • SOCWK 222R
  • SOCWK 300R
  • SOCWK 301R
  • SOCWK 321R


  • SOC 101 (main campus)
  • SOC 204R
  • SOC 207R 


  • PSYCH 101 (main campus)
  • PSYCH 213R (offer TBD)
  • PSYCH 253 (main campus)
  • PSYCH 312 (main campus)
  • PSYCH 354R/PSYCH 354 
  • PSYCH 356R/PSYCH 356
  • PSYCH 444R​


  • Final grades for all courses that count within the major (SDS, SOCWK, some PSYCH and SOC) will contribute to a student's SDS plan average (with the exception of no PSYCH 101/101R and SOC 101/101R for the SDS minor).
  • Wondering what a course is like? Visit our Course Outlines page to view recent syllabi (subject to change each term).
  • Some courses require their own application to be enrolled in because they are not standard lectures or seminars: SDS/SOCWK/PSYCH/SOC 398R, 399R, 490R, SDS 495R, SDS 496R, and SDS 499A/B.
  • Courses with "/" are cross-listed; this is only one course but has 2 or more codes, where either code counts for the credit.
  • Special Topics courses (e.g. SDS 450R) highlight unique content not covered in other SDS courses and topics may change term to term. Students can take SDS 450R up to three time if the topics are different. SDS 450R (among others) is listed in most SDS specializations, but currently only "Comparative and International Education" is an approved topic (towards the Education specialization). If you have questions contact your academic advisor.
  • Review our Enrolment FAQs page for scheduling tips. 

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