Enrolment FAQ's

Key Resources

  1. SDS Enrolment Guide (PDF)

Make Informed Choices Next-Steps for Quest Errors

Common Questions

Why didn't I get into a course I submitted?

Course selection is where you can indicate you want to take a specific course without knowing full details. It gives you a higher chance of getting in, but enrolment is not guaranteed. If you don't see a class you picked during course selection in your final term schedule, it might be due to:

  • Scheduling conflict with your other courses (on-campus and blended courses only)
    • Check the schedule of classes and be sure to use it when planning your course selection. Consider your selection rankings. The system will prioritize lower numbers and program-required courses, which could bump you out of conflicting electives.
  • Missing prerequisites or already took an antirequisite
    • Confirm requisites in the undergraduate calendar before you pick courses. Prerequisites are courses that must be taken before other courses. Antirequisites are courses that cover similar information, but you cannot take both.
  • Reserved seats
    • Sometimes a class has reserved seats for those in specific majors, term levels, etc. The schedule of classes will show you reserves. These are always dropped closer-to the term and some departments drop them earlier. 
  • The course is *or was* full 
    • Quest does not always accurately indicate if a class was full, closed to new enrolments, and is now working off of permission numbers (main campus courses only, pending department) OR a wait-list (Renison, some main campus departments).
  • The course requires a separate application
    • Some SDS special topics/thesis/apprenticeship courses have specific standards to be met, including high grades, a faculty supervisor, and/or department chair approval. Courses will be removed from your schedule without this paperwork.
  • The course is online
    • Online courses won't show in calendar-schedule format, but will in list format!

Quest is giving me an error - how do I get into this course?

NOTE: Renison courses do NOT use permission numbers or overrides like main campus can. SDS advisors and faculty do not have the ability to add students into courses.

  • Keep an eye on the course you want. Spaces may open up when reserves are dropped or other students drop the course.
  • For full Renison courses (including SDS):
    • Add your information to the waitlists. If space opens up, the registrar's will contact you to confirm your interest and manually slot you in. FYI: Most times you see a "department consent" error in Quest for a Renison course, it means it's actually full or closed earlier to new adds.
  • For full non-Renison courses:
  • Try adding other courses or swapping courses during add/drop period.
    • The first chance you can do this is during your designated online appointment time - they occur on the first two days of add/drop.
    • If you are enrolled in a course you don't need and want to add an available course in its place, be sure to swap the course out. This will keep your current enrolment until a successful swap occurs. 

I'm still stuck...what should I do?

  1. Review the Enrolment Guide above under "Key Resources".
  2. Review any previous e-mails you have had with your SDS advisor. If you’ve already been given an answer in a previous e-mail, your request may be given lower priority.
  3. Check the SDS current students website or Undergraduate Calendar – you may find an answer there.
  4. If you still don’t have an answer, e-mail your advisor with your question. We may be able to answer quickly or set a time to meet, but will still need time to review your records.
    1. Advisors appreciate your patience during the first few days of course selection and add/drop enrolment periods, as they're often some of the busiest advising times in the year. 
    2. Drop-ins and phone messages will be treated in the same priority as e-mail; they do not guarantee a faster response.
    3. SDS Advisors strive to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 business-day hours, but do not reply in late evenings or on weekends.
    4. Please refrain from sending multiple emails when possible as it can cause a backlog in response time to all students. Rest assured that if you did not receive an undelivered mailing error, your advisor will reply as soon as possible!

Tips for NEW SDS Students

Not sure what to start with? See our First Year Courses webpage (assumes a full-time load of 5).

Direct-entry (on-campus, from highschool)

  • You'll have a different enrolment process for first and second term (assuming Fall start): 

    • 1A term (fall) - choose PSYCH 101R, SOC 101R, SOCWK 120R, and one elective through the course approval form sent to you in the summer. Add one Arts First course during add/drop in late July (watch your email for instructions).
    • 1B term (winter) - Course select PSYCH 253R, SDS 131R, SDS 150R and an elective using the normal process in late September. Add the second ARTS First course during add/drop in late November.

Transfer (from college or university)

  • Review our Course Selection for Transfer Students page for more details. 
  • Note: Your admission timing will impact which enrolment period you can access for your first term (i.e. may either do course selection or add/drop)

Online-only (from highschool, mature, or transfer)

Tips for CURRENT SDS Students

Includes anyone beyond their first term in SDS

Follow the normal enrolment process each term.

  • Work on completing the 8 core SDS major courses before others.
  • Ideally complete SDS 250R: Social Statistics and SDS 251R: Social Research before your 3A term as they can be prerequisites for some 400-level courses.
  • Track any remaining SDS degree requirements and/or requirements for other plans you have (e.g. specializations, minors, double majors, etc.).
  • Everything else within your degree is up to you! If you need guidance or want to brainstorm, connect with your academic advisor.