How do I swap classes?

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Under Academics select Enroll.Studetn Quest home page
  3. Select the Swap tab. If prompted, select the term and Continue.Swap tab in student Qeust
  4. Select a class to swap
    • Under Swap This Class, select the class in your schedule you want to swap from the drop-down list.
    • Under With This Class use the "Select from Shopping Cart" option to choose your replacement class. Then use the click on the Select button.
    • Note: You can also use the Search for Class option to select a the class you'd like to swap for. See How do I search for a class for help completing the search criteria.Select classes to swap page in student Quest
  5. Confirm your selection and click Finish Swapping.Confirm - Finish Swapping page in student Quest
  6. If your swap is successful, a green check will appear in the Status column. Class swap view results page in student Quest
  7. To view your updated class schedule, use the My Class Schedule button.