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Our department specializes in the study of language, applied linguistics, literature, and film and visual culture.  We have active graduate and undergraduate programs in German and Russian, and we also offer courses in Croatian and Dutch.

Studying German opens up possibilities

Linlin ChenLinlin Chen is a 4th year management engineering student at the University of Waterloo. She has completed the Certificate in German Language, a one-year student exchange in Munich, and two international work terms in Germany and Japan. After graduation, she will be working full-time near Düsseldorf as a global trainee at a German firm.

We recently spoke to Linlin about her exeperience learning German at the University of Waterloo.

Faculty of Arts Curriculum Changes

The Faculty of Arts is doing a major reorganization of its academic plans. The requirements for majors are being streamlined, the averages necessary for entering honours programs are being lowered, and other improvements are being made. Want to learn more? Go to the Arts Majors Reset page.

Nature and Education circa 1800

Conference posterHow can one come to know and learn about nature? What tropes and language are used to make nature visible? How does one communicate and disseminate this knowledge? How, in short, is nature re-mediated around 1800? The presenters at this day-long workshop will be discussing these and other questions, and you're welcome to attend their discussions.

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