Fall 2022

Course/Professor Day/Time/Location Description
GER 431/620/720
Introduction to Medieval German Studies
TBA This course uses a discovery approach to introduce students to (1) Middle High German (MHG) [Mittelhochdeutsch], the language that is medieval precursor to modern German and that was spoken and written in German-speaking lands from roughly 1100 to 1500; (2) highlights of literary and cultural production from this time period; (3) select theoretical approaches to medieval literature; (4) intellectual reflection on historical thinking, the legacies of the medieval past in the contemporary world, and the use and abuse of the medieval past in the contemporary world.  
GER 612/712
(held with ANTH 489 / ANTH 661)
Language and Social Life: Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology

This course examines contemporary research on language and society. Drawing upon readings in linguistic anthropology, students will examine contemporary debates about language and migration, labour, liberalism, colonialism, citizenship, nation, neoliberalism, and social justice. Students will examine different approaches to the study of language and social life, including activist anthropology, semiotic anthropology, and language and political economy. 

Prerequisite: previous coursework in linguistics, linguistic anthropology, communications, language studies, or a related field