Students pursuing honours degrees in German or Russian and Eastern European Studies (REES) can participate in the University of Waterloo's co-op program by combining their major with Arts and Business. Instead of a business degree with a few arts electives, you'll earn a Bachelor of Arts degree that focuses on two areas: your Arts major and practical business subjects such as accounting, management, economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, ethics, and communication. Co-op students have the opportunity of integrating valuable work experiences, both at home and abroad, into their academic program.

For further information, contact the undergraduate advisor, or go to the Arts and Business website. To find out more about international work term placements, please see the Co-operative Education webpage dedicated to international employment 

Examples of job placements


  • Toronto District School Board
  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • National Research Council
  • Indian and Northern Affairs Public Service Commission of Ottawa

International Companies

  • Siemens AG
  • SAP AG
  • Ericsson
  • Intria-HP
  • Microsoft

Educational institutions

  • Fachhochschule Karlsruhe
  • Absolventum Mannheim
  • University of Waterloo