Finding international job opportunities

photo of a canal in Venice

Above: Venice scene by Jason Voll, Software Engineering (taken while on work term in Austria)

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To begin, review the qualifications to determine if you’re eligible to work abroad.

Travel advisory & Global Affairs Canada

Before you take any steps towards arranging a job in a foreign country, no matter what your citizenship, you must be aware of the overall level of security risk of that country issued by Global Affairs Canada. You must review this information first.

International job search

Start your international job search process by either applying to jobs through WaterlooWorks, or by arranging your own job.

Most international jobs posted in WaterlooWorks are for:

  • jobs in the USA but some are for outside of North America, in locations such as, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc.

To arrange your own job, you can:

  • return to a previous employer with global offices
  • connect with family and friends overseas, and leverage your own network of contacts
  • visit the Centre for Career Action for an appointment on "Work Search - Outside Canada"
  • other resources

You will need to have your international employment approved by your student advisor, (or by a career advisor if this is your first work term) before beginning the process for a work permit.

Financial support

Because international co-op positions typically will not cover your travel expenses or allow you to save for the coming academic term, consider the awards through Student Awards and Financial Aid. SAFA has a database you can review to see what awards might apply to you. Please contact SAFA directly with any questions.

Brock University has a list of external funding opportunities that might be applicable to you. The site also lists the AUCC-prepared list of funding sources for international collaboration. CECA and SAFA staff cannot answer any questions related to these opportunities. Please do your own research, and apply for those that might be applicable to you.

Global Programs and international employment opportunities

There are additional opportunities not advertised on WaterlooWorks.

It is expected that you will do your own research about timelines, acceptance of the job towards co-op credit and application process.

Co-op students who are participating in WaterlooWorks MUST honor all WaterlooWorks match results. Please bear in mind that if you are in the ‘Match’ process, you will be held to the match process over your ‘arranged own job’. Please review procedures for job searches in WaterlooWorks and arranging your own job thoroughly.

Co-op students are responsible for determining if these opportunities are eligible for co-op credit. Review ‘The six requirements of an arranged-own job’ on the page. These international employment opportunities may not be suitable for official co-op credit. Your student advisor (or a career advisor, if you have not yet had a work term) must approve your international co-op job.

Students are responsible for directly applying for these opportunities according to the posted deadline. If you get the job, please follow the arranged own job procedure and submit a job information form with the details. The job as your co-op employment will be confirmed only after the job has been approved and verified.

Please sign-in to view additional opportunities not available on WaterlooWorks.