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Thinking about working in Canada? Canada is a great place to work! With a culture of sustainability and entrepreneurship, Canada has economic and cultural influence as well as a great quality of life. Here are some important tips and resources to help you in your Canadian work search.

Obtain a valid co-op work permit

If you are an international visa student participating in a co-op program, you will need a valid co-op work permit to work in Canada. Learn more about co-op work permit resources.

Learn more about co-op

If you’re just getting started in co-op, we have resources to help. Learn about how to find a job, what your responsibilities are as a co-op student and important dates that will apply to you.

Before your first work term, you will be automatically enrolled in a professional development (PD) course to help you navigate our co-op process. Learn more about PD courses, including PD1: Career Fundamentals and Co-op Fundamentals for Engineering.

Prepare your resume and cover letter

Get ready to work in Canada by preparing a resume and cover letter that aligns with the Canadian job market. Our Centre for Career Development’s (CCD) CareerHub has resources on preparing job applications, resumes and cover letter writing. You can also book a one-on-one appointment with a career advisor for more support.

Review our working in Canada resources

Learn more about the skills you need, your career goals and enhancing your interview skills for Canada. We recommend reading:

Post graduation work permit

Are you a co-op student thinking about a future application for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP)?  If so, please be aware of the following factors that could impact your application:

  • Any changes to your work/study sequence — whether you are changing your sequence or thinking about taking a co-op term off.
  • Being unemployed or inactive for a work term.
  • Being enrolled part-time on a unemployed work term.
  • Opting to take international work terms and having too few Canadian work terms.

If you are facing any of the above situations or have questions about the PGWP, contact our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.


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