International students

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Connecting dreams with opportunities: international students, we've got you covered!

Welcome to Waterloo! As you embark on your career search, we're here to support all of your needs at the Centre for Career Development.

Job search and career advising

Looking for part-time or full-time employment? We offer both virtual and in-person appointments to help you explore your possibilities. During our sessions, we can cover a variety of topics including résumé and cover letter support and conversations around further education.

If you're a co-op student, we also offer same-day co-op consultations before your first work term to support navigating the co-op process, arranging your own co-op job or ranking co-op job offers that come your way. You can book all career advising appointments and same-day drop-in times through WaterlooWorks.

Career resources

In addition to providing one-on-one support, the Centre for Career Development offers several other resources to help you on your career journey. Take the next step by visiting CareerHub, your online career resource for things like:

  • Exploring your degree and skills
  • Decision making
  • Job search and applications
  • Résumé, CV and cover letter tips
  • Interviewing resources
  • Success at work
  • Further education possibilities

Working in Canada

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  • Applications for visas, study, co-op and post-graduate work permits
    • If you're not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada, you must have a valid study permit to study in Canada.
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    • To work in Canada, you need a SIN from Service Canada and you must meet the various requirements.
  • Speaking with an immigration consultant
  • Requirements for on and off-campus jobs
    • Each work scenario has different requirements (i.e., working as an undergrad vs grad or working during breaks vs working while studying). We can support you in finding the information that you need.

Thriving in the Canadian work environment

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  • Skills Canadian employers look for
    • We can support you in identifying the skills that are most sought after by employers and helping you develop them.
  • Settling into the Canadian workplace
    • Company culture varies widely depending on the industry or the organization. This resource will help you navigate workplaces in Canada.
  • Preparing for your first day 
    • You've applied, interviewed and now you've secured your job! Let’s give you all the tools to ensure you make the most out of the experience!
  • Safety and your rights
    • As an individual and employee, you’re protected by employment and human rights legislation in Canada. This section will provide important information on your human and employment rights both in Canada and in Ontario.
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Professional development

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yellow sign written scam alert

Warning about job scams targeting international students

  • Individuals, likely using false identification, are reportedly reaching out via email and phone to international students.
  • These scammers promise to provide students with work-related credentials and pay stubs to meet program requirements for a fee ranging between $1,500 to $2,000.
  • Please protect yourself from scams. Under no circumstance should you pay to secure a job/posting.

Resources to help protect yourself against scams: