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Whether you're just curious about entrepreneurship, already have an idea or ready to launch your startup - you belong here.

The University of Waterloo was founded on principles of innovation and is proud to back its community’s entrepreneurs with a unique "creator-own" intellectual property (IP) rights policy to foster an entrepreneurial environment that drives innovations from the lab to the marketplace.

Our campus is home to several organizations committed to advancing new and growing business ventures. And we have over 45 programs available to educate, fund, and inspire you to take your ideas to the next level.

Waterloo's innovation hubs

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business logo

Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business 

The Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business’s offerings for undergraduate students include:

  • awards and scholarships
  • Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op)
  • courses in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (BET)
  • Bridging Entrepreneurs to Students (BETS) program
  • a Minor in Entrepreneurship

Graduate student programs include a master’s degree in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET), and a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Organization.

Grebel Peace Incubator logo

Grebel Peace Incubator 

The Grebel Peace Incubator supports startups that are committed to advancing peace, whether at a local or international level. They help innovators connect with mentors, acquire funding and engage in training in order to achieve their goals.

GreenHouse logo


Would you like to launch a business that is not only practical, but genuinely makes a difference?

GreenHouse works with entrepreneurs who want to make a social or environmental impact. Programs such as the Changemaker Labs and Social Innovators in Training program empower entrepreneurs of various levels and backgrounds.

Velocity logo


Velocity offers full-stack resources available for early-stage founders and students.

It supports students with finding connections, as well as practical and authentic business expertise. Product development know-how, space to build a team and product and risk-tolerant capital can be accessed at Velocity.

Velocity's scholarships and entrepreneurial programs include the Problem Lab, Zero Experience and Zero Work, Cornerstone, the Velocity Incubator and the Velocity Pitch Competition.

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The Waterloo Commercialization Office (WatCo) offers commercialization services to innovators whose work needs to be transformed beyond the realm of research to operable, sustainable and functional products and services.

Looking for job search resources? 

Our CareerHub online resource contains a plethora of materials, and our staff is well-equipped to provide you with the assistance you need along the way. Beyond entrepreneurship, if you would like to learn more about alternative means of job exploration, contact us.