Develop your skills

Student writing on a whiteboard

Your academic studies are one way to build talent and skills that employers want and that coincide with what they need. There are many ways that you can hone your skills in areas that are valuable to employers.

Know what’s needed

What type of skills are employers looking for? Better yet, how can you learn about what employers want? Various online resources can offer you information about the in-demand skills associated with different professions:

Discover and showcase your skills

Beyond knowing about sought-after skills, how can you find out if you have them? What can you do to identify your skills? And how can you best explain them to others?

Resources can help you to effectively communicate about your skills.

Develop skills and competencies

What can you do to work on your skills and experience and learn to use them with a degree of expertise? Plenty!

You can develop your skills beyond the University classroom.

Take a course

  • Consider a Digital Skills Fundamentals micro-courses. Learn the skills most needed in business today and tomorrow through micro-courses that introduce the fundamental concepts of website development, digital and video marketing, and problem analysis.
  • Enrol in Professional development courses. Students can enrol (for free!) in PD1: Career Fundamentals. In PD1, you will learn how to refine your résumé writing and interview skills. You’ll also be able to explore how your career goals align with your values, skills and interests.
  • Review the LinkedIn courses. LinkedIn Learning is available to Waterloo students, staff and alumni at no cost and includes an AI-powered coaching tool that can help you identify learning opportunities of interest.
  • Survey the list of Ivy League courses. It’s always good to expand your knowledge base, whether the subject in question is part of your academic programming or you are pursuing a personal interest. Check out the offerings of free Ivy League online courses.

Join an activity

  • Consider volunteering. You can build your skills and add accomplishments to your résumé through volunteering. There are organizations that are looking for volunteers to help them in various capacities.
  • Join a society or club. WUSA societies and clubs are student-led organizations that provide the services and support you need to reach your academic goals and make the most of your university experience.
  • Join a Meetup group. Grow connections to people who work in your areas of interest through Meetup groups that pique your curiosity.