About us

Centre for Career Development

Who we are

As the world of work evolves, the Centre for Career Development (CCD) is here to provide in-person and online support to all University of Waterloo's students, postdoctoral fellows, alumni, and employees as they plan their career journey.

Our career leaders can provide support via drop-in and workshop spaces, our educational developer supports the development of proactive career education modules, and our career programming and events specialist are all equipped to help you reach your goals. Whether you want to identify your strengths, find work, or discover and pursue new career or learning pathways, we’re here for you.

Our approach to service

Whether you want to identify your strengths, find work, or discover and pursue new pathways, we’re here to support you now and on your journey. CCD strives to fulfill its mandate, drawing on person-centered, trauma-informed and equity-informed service delivery that is accessible to, and inclusive of, all learners.

CCD is committed to reliable and high-quality service, client-centered interactions, inclusivity, collaborative relationships with the campus community and continuous improvement.

Our mission

At the Centre for Career Development, our main objective is to educate and inspire all University of Waterloo students (regular and co-op), alumni, employees, and postdoctoral fellows to explore and act on their career journey. We accomplish this through high-quality in-person and online services.

Our vision will be realized when career development is an integral component of the student experience at the University and the Centre for Career Development is recognized as a leader in university career education.

Green Office gold certified logo

The Centre for Career Development officially holds a Gold designation with Waterloo’s Green Office program.