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Diploma in Dutch Language

Students (registered in degree programs or any non- or post-degree academic plan at the University of Waterloo) must successfully complete two academic course units (four courses), taught in Dutch, with a minimum cumulative diploma average of 70% as follows:

  • DUTCH 101DUTCH 102, and the equivalent of one academic course unit (two courses) in Dutch at the 200-level or higher.


Completion of the Diploma requires one academic course unit (two courses) in Dutch language courses taken at an institution or institutions other than the University of Waterloo. Dutch at the 200-level or higher is currently not offered at the University of Waterloo.

Dutch courses

Name and description Requisites Normally offered
DUTCH 101 - Elementary Dutch 1: The basic elements of Dutch grammar with emphasis on oral practice and pronunciation. Introduction to aspects of Dutch culture. Also offered online. None Fall term
DUTCH 102 - Elementary Dutch 2: A continuation of DUTCH 101. Also offered online. DUTCH 101 or equivalent knowledge Winter term
DUTCH 271 - Dutch Culture and Society: An introduction to Dutch society and culture, as it is and has been expressed in art, literature, religion, and philosophy. Political-historical, economic, and urban planning discourses will be discussed. The course explores key concepts informing Dutch cultural identities. Students will gain skills in transcultural analysis and research.

Taught in English. Only offered online.

None Winter term