Welcome to PhD in Accounting

The PhD degree is awarded for the accomplishment of independent and original research and reporting thereon in a dissertation. The primary requirements include course work, the passing of a comprehensive examination and acceptance of a thesis by a supervisory committee.

Use the “Become a Student” link on the left to learn about the history of our program, the areas of concentration, what to expect during your time at University of Waterloo and information about the admissions process and financial assistance. Use the other links to find out about students currently enrolled in the program, the research interests of our faculty and general information about the School of Accounting and Finance.

We offer four years of funding at $25,500 per year, subject to both work and academic performance requirements.  Funding is conditional upon working 10 hours per week in each of our three terms as a research assistant or a teaching assistant.  We do not require students to teach courses while they are in the program but we attempt to accommodate students wishing to gain teaching experience.

For further information please contact Professor Patricia C. O’Brien, who is in charge of admissions to the PhD program in Accounting.

Watch what it's like to be in our PhD program: