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The PhD degree is awarded for the accomplishment of independent and original research and reporting thereon in a dissertation. The primary requirements include course work, the passing of a comprehensive examination and acceptance of a thesis by a supervisory committee.

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Minna Hong, 2018 winner of Excellence in Teaching Award 

mina hong on couch

After winning the Excellence in Teaching award, fourth year PhD student Minna Hong said, "I believe it is important for university students to not only acquire the knowledge required for their chosen career path, but also to develop life skills, such as discipline, responsibility, and character. As a teacher, I hope that I can play a positive role in helping students achieve these elements during their university journey."

Delving into her PhD studies has meant learning how to both teach and conduct in-depth research, and these are areas where Minna has thrived.  Attributing her growth and her success to the talented and accomplished Accounting faculty, Minna indicates that she has received tremendous support throughout her studies and during her teaching. Experiencing the different teaching methods of faculty members within the School of Accounting and Finance helped to inform Minna’s teaching practice and helped her establish clear instructional goals for her future.

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