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Overview of The School of Accounting and Finance's Priority Projects  (pdf)

School of Accounting and Finance Mission and Strategy  (pdf)

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Student Venture Fund

The Student Venture Fund provides students with exceptional experiential learning opportunities in the field of venture capital.

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Student Investment Fund

Support experiential and innovative educational experiences through the Student Investment Funds which provide students an opportunity to invest in different segments of the financial sector, and create talent that fuels the local and national economy.

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Centre for Accounting Research and Education

Attract the best scholars and ensure worldwide recognition for research excellence by supporting faculty research and vital resources.

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  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • PhD
  • Lana Paton Women in Finance Scholarship

Scholarships and awards are needed at all levels as many students and families cope with the cost of a professional education. Make a difference in a student’s life today.

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Lana Paton Women in Finance Scholarship Transcript

Centre for Accounting Ethics

Enhance the teaching of ethics to accounting students and impact the research of ethical issues in accounting.

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Finance & Analytics Lab

Enrich students’ knowledge of finance by bridging academic theory with hands-on, highly interactive learning by supporting this state-of-the-art lab.

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Student International Study Program

Providing opportunities for students to learn about business at a global level.

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Alumni Excellence Endowment Fund

Advance experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom by supporting student activities in national and international competitions and student conferences.

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Student Fellowship Endowment

The Fellowship program attracts strong high school students as leaders and acknowledges their abilities and potential.

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