Explore Beethoven to Bieber, solos to software

A student in the Music program at the University of Waterloo.

Study music in a program that offers you the flexibility to pursue your passions. At Waterloo, we offer instruction in more than 20 instruments, as well as vocal lessons. But that’s just the beginning.

Balance your study of performance, music theory, and music history with classes on the relationship between music and technology, gender, and peace. Unpack the psychology of music, or delve into pop, jazz, opera, film scores, and more.

Whether you’re aiming for a career as a performer, composer, teacher, recording technician, or music software developer, this program gives you the building blocks you need, and you can even orchestrate some experience before you graduate by enrolling in the co-op stream.

icon of the globeInternational exchanges in 25 countries

briefcaseAvailable as a co-op and regular program

icon of open bookAvailable as a major and minor



Apply via Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business choose Music as your major at the end of first year.

Auditions are required if you would like to choose Music as your major, take studio courses, or apply for specific music entrance scholarships. Entrance scholarship auditions take place in February and March.

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icon of network of peopleOffered by the Faculty of Arts

Graduation capEarn a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Music


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Create friendships for life

Join the Living-Learning Community at Conrad Grebel where you’ll live with other Music students, make lasting friendships, and get support from upper-year peer leaders. A residence application is required. 

Study in Bali and beyond

Grab your passport! Experience concerts, festivals, and the rich cultural life of countries from Bali to the Baltics with a music & culture travel course.