À Waterloo, les possibilités sont infinies

In a bilingual country and an ever-more globalized world, knowledge of French as a second language gives you an edge in almost any field.

At Waterloo, you can choose language courses that range from basic to advanced, as well as a wide variety of courses in French linguistics, literature, culture, and civilization. You’ll learn from professors that include Governor General prize-winners and world experts in French.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in gaining paid work experience through North America's largest co-op program, apply to Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business Co-op and choose French as your major at the end of first year.

icon of the globeInternational exchanges in 25 countries

briefcaseAvailable as a co-op and regular program

icon of open bookAvailable as a major and minor



Apply to Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business and choose French as your major at the end of first year.

Taking a photo on a street in France.

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megaphone icon"The professors are incredible, resourceful, knowledgeable and friendly. Co-op (or in my case, volunteer placements) allowed me to ensure that I’m going into the field that’s right for me, giving me practical experience and opportunities to network."Sydney, French graduate

icon of network of peopleOffered by the Faculty of Arts

Graduation capEarn a Bachelor of Arts degree in French


Ready to learn more?

Immersive opportunities

Live at La Bastille, a French residence floor at Waterloo's St. Paul's University College. Or immerse yourself in culture and improve your language skills by studying in Quebec or France for a year.

A fast track to teaching

Interested in teaching? Our French Teaching Specialization offers direct admission to the Faculty of Education at Nipissing University once you've completed your degree here.