Welcome to French Studies | Bienvenue au département d’études françaises

The Department of French studies offers degree programs at the Bachelor of Arts, Masters and PhD levels. Our degree programs, research-oriented Faculty and inclusive environment prepare students for various career paths within the fields of education, tourism, government and business.

The Department of French studies also offers service and language courses for students looking to improve their French. A full list of courses that we offer along with program information is available on our site.

Le Département d’études françaises offre des programmes de 1er, 2e et 3e cycles. Nos programmes d’étude sont axés sur la recherche et notre département favorise une formation qui permettra aux étudiants d’envisager divers parcours professionnels dans les domaines de l’enseignement, du tourisme, de la fonction publique et des affaires.

Le Département d’études françaises offre également des cours d’introduction et de langue pour les étudiants qui veulent améliorer leur français. Une liste complète des cours offerts au département ainsi que des renseignements sur nos programmes sont disponibles sur notre site.

  1. Sep. 7, 2021Professor Guy Poirier named Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
    Guy Poirier

    Félicitations au professeur Guy Poirier, nommé à la Société royale du Canada

  2. June 17, 2021Discours d'adieu - Julia Baker (2021)

    One of the things I appreciated about my undergraduate experience at Waterloo was the contrast between my French major and business minor. As an Honours French, Arts and Business Co-op student, I attended the large business lectures where I learned about economics, accounting, entrepreneurship and international business.

  3. June 17, 2021Discours d'adieu - Anushka Birju (2021)

    When I started the Honours Program in French Studies here at the University of Waterloo, my expectation was simple: learn how to speak the language. After four years of hard work, I gained so much more than I had ever expected.

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