In Canada and worldwide, knowledge of French language and culture is always valuable and makes an excellent transferable skill for many career paths.

The French Studies Department offers language courses from basic to the advanced levels, as well as a wide range of courses in French linguistics, literature, culture and civilization.

Most of our courses are taught in French, allowing you to fully develop your comprehension, speaking, and writing skills. And, you'll have opportunities to enhance your learning:

  • Gain paid work experience through co-op. Apply to Arts and Business Co-op and choose French as your major at the end of first year.
  • Study in Quebec or France.
  • Immerse yourself in French by living at La Bastille, our French floor at St. Paul's University College residence.
  • Take the French Teaching Specialization that guarantees your acceptance to the Faculty of Education at Nipissing University once you’ve completed your program at Waterloo. This specialization is available only through Honours Arts.