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Petite Maison Blanche Chicoutimi

Below you will find more detailed information regarding the Chicoutimi program.

If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact the Undergraduate program coordinator. We will gladly answer your questions!

Our exchange program with the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) is open to all Faculty of Arts students, with priority given to French Studies students. Students are immersed in a French-speaking environment taking courses with other Francophones from Quebec and around the world. 


Tuition fees are paid to the host university. These fees are usually less expensive than UWaterloo tuition fees. UQAC has a simulator (français) which will estimate the tuition fees and other related fees for one term. When completing the form, select the following:

  1. Applicable semester
  2. Québecois et/ou résident permanent
  3. Sur le campus (Chicoutimi)
  4. Premier cycle
  5. Temps complet

We also recommend that students take into consideration the following costs when planning to studying at another university.

Living expenses (e.g., residence, groceries, transit, cell phone, etc.)

  • Transport to and from Chicoutimi

  • Pre-departure expenses (e.g., birth certificate, administrative fees for an official transcript and the letter of permission form, etc.)

  • Arrival expenses (e.g., residence damage deposit, apartment set up, etc.)

  • Additional expenses (e.g., travel, shopping, dining out, etc.)


Student are required to take a minimum of 3 courses per term within the « Unité d'enseignement en études littéraires », which means at least 3 literature courses per term (course code 7LIT***). The remaining course, if you wish to take a full course load, can be taken in another subject.

Please consult UQAC's Schedule of Classes (français) for a full listing of courses offered.


Chicoutimi registration and pre-departure tasks

A meeting is held in early February to provide all students with instructions and guidance through the pre-departure tasks.

Step 1 : Nomination of Students

Completed by the exchange coordinator. Deadlines: March 15th (fall term), October 1st (winter term)

Please ensure the exchange coordinator has the following information:

  • Date of birth
  • Email: provide a secondary email address in addition to your uwaterloo email (for example: Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.)
  • Nationality
  • Current program of study
  • Start term: Fall (August) or Winter (January)
  • Duration: one or two terms

Step 2: Submitting an application file

Completed by the student. Deadline: April 1st (fall term), October 15th (winter term)

The admission and registration agent from UQAC's International Office will contact nominated students individually via email with the application instructions file via a dedicated web platform. The exchange coordinator will also be copied in the email. A student handbook will be attached as well. Should you NOT receive this email, please look at your SPAM inbox. If you cannot find it, please contact UQAC's International Office:

The following sections must be completed:

  1. Section "personal information" (« Information personnelles »).
  2. Section "previous and current studies" (« Études antérieures et en cours »).

    1. Sub-section "current studies" (« Études en cours »).

      1. Choose: "undergraduate" (« Licence : baccalauréat »).

    2. Sub-section "studies outside Québec" (« Études faites hors du Québec »).

      1. Choose: "équivalent du DEC québécois"

  3. Section "stay wishes" (« Choix de séjour »).

    1. To the question: "are you involved in a memorandum of understanding?" (« Faites-vous partie d’un protocole d’entente ? ») you must tick YES and answer all questions in the sub-section "stay period". This sub-section has an impact on the type of admission letter that UQAC will issue. 

    2. Sub-section "sending institution – framework" (« Établissement de provenance – Cadre »).

      1. Choose: « Bilat – sans diplomation » = academic stay without the issuing of a UQAC diploma.

    3. Sub-section "planned arrival date" (« Date d’arrivée prévue »): indicate an approximate date, taking into consideration the semester start date.

      1. Fall: courses start in August

      2. Winter: courses start in January

      3. See the university calendar for important dates. 

  4. Section "required supporting documents" (« Pièces justificatives »).

    1. All official school transcripts available at the time of the application.

    2. Birth certificate where the name of the student and his/her two parents must appear; OR pages of 'family booklet' with birth date and wedding date of your parents.

    3. Copy of last diploma obtained (before university).

    4. Course selection document (may arrive late).

    5. Format: PDF scans. The undergraduate program coordinator can assist you if you do not have access to a scanner.

    6. Important: if documents are missing, your application will not be processed.

  5. Submitting your application.

    1. Make sure you tick the box "mark page as complete" (« Marquer la page comme complète ») at the bottom of each page of the form.

    2. Incomplete applications will not be submitted by the system! Make sure to click on "submit" (« soumettre ») at the very end of the form once you have completed all steps.

After submitting your application

  • You will receive an automatic confirmation once your application is submitted; please keep this document.

  • In case you do not receive a confirmation that your application was submitted and received, please check your spam folder. If you find nothing, please communicate with the UQAC admission agent:

  • Once your folder is submitted, it is impossible to access it and modify it.  

  • Processing time: Once your complete folder is submitted (without any missing documents), someone from the International Office of UQAC will provide you with a decision via email (attached PDF) within 2 weeks. 

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